Facebook is the major social media network used by clubs and pubs by a country mile. But it is not just about posting a picture of one of your burgers or cocktails or latest shows and expecting to engage or attract fans. To get the most from it, you need to keep up to date with the latest developments. We found these through SMK (Social Media Knowledge) – plus there is a link at the end to download the Australian Facebook Performance Report for 2016 from Online Circle Digital to see how your page stacks up.

Facebook’s New Marketing Portal and Metrics

Facebook has announced a range of new metrics designed for marketers to gain deeper insights around cross-channel campaigns and user behaviour.

The new tools will live at the Measurement FYI page (previously known as FYI).

Here you’ll find all manner of marketing goodies including metrics, partnerships, research, and products. Facebook says the data will help marketers better measure business value and outcomes.

Facebook also announced an update to it marketing mix modelling measurement providers.
The new marketing mix modelling (MMM) portal allows Facebook’s partners to directly access data from Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. Among other things, this allows partners to more accurately track ad performance across TV, digital, and print.

Facebook also updated and expanded its third-party verification program to give its analytics more weight.

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Facebook to Show More Relevant News

Facebook has tinkered with the News Feed in an effort to provide more relevant stories.

To do this, it is teaming new signals with a real-time prediction algorithm to better identify stories considered authentic and more targeted to your preferences.

Facebook also takes into account the relationship between you and the user or Page that’s posting.

Stories from reliable sources that are quickly generating chatter (for example, a trending story from The New York Times getting lots of Likes, comments, and shares) will be given greater preference.

Conversely, posts exhibiting “spammy” behaviour (asking for Likes) will be penalised.

The update appears to be addressing two ongoing problems with the News Feed: spam and (dare I say it!) fake news.

Happily, avoiding fallout from Facebook’s latest update is easy. Just continue to publish authentic, engaging, and relevant content.

Simple huh?


Facebook Image Search

Facebook search has just got a lot more powerful – and visual. A recent update lets you search for images using keywords.

Now, if you want to search for pictures of kittens, you just type kittens in the search bar. You can also get more creative – for example searching for a specific clothing item or product or band.

The new search functionality was first developed for visually impaired users, and has been souped up after Facebook applied its AI (artificial intelligence) to study billions of images.

Facebook continues to develop its AI to better understand the actions people are performing in photos, such as running or waving.

While Google offers a similar feature with Google Photos, the potential for brands on Facebook could be lucrative.

It’s not hard to imagine a fashion retailer paying to appear at the top of searches for “little black dress” for instance, or a club or pub to pay for searches like best burgers, noodles, live music, kids activities, fitness, weddings….the list goes on.

Facebook is also reportedly working on a similar search function for video.

For now, image search is only available to US users, but if it takes off, expect a wider roll out pretty soon. (And a whole lot more kitten pics.)




Click the link  below to view Australian Facebook Performance report 2016