It’s the eternal Aussie pub struggle: it’s your round and you need to carry four beers back to the table in one go.

Do you hug them to your chest for stability? Shove your fingers straight into the beer in a claw-like action? Or just do the sensible thing and use a tray, risking ridicule and scorn from your mates? The struggle is so real that Schooner Carrys – an Instagram account with two rules: never use a tray, and never use a tray – sprung up in November last year and has since amassed more than 55,000 followers. The account is just a series of videos of punters carrying four-plus schooners to varying degrees of success – some even incorporate spins or stop for a hands-free scull along the way.

If the stress of watching those schooner carries (“scharrys”) in real life or even just on Instagram is a bit too much, Sydney pub Vic on the Park has a solution: from today it’s selling the Super Schooner. Essentially, it’s four glasses that slot into one giant schooner – a bit like slices of pie all coming together into a larger whole. It’s way easier (and less messy) than trying to balance four regular-shaped glasses.

“There are some who are well-versed with the classic four-schooner carry, but then there are those a little challenged with the art,” according to the Vic’s venue manager Cameron Hann.

“No one appreciates the mate who just dives fingers into the drink to clasp the extra glasses. Then there’s also the problem for the fourth person in a group who misses out if there are jugs being shared. The super schooner makes it easy for that four-schooner-challenged mate to buy a round for friends.”

The schooner has been masterminded by the Vic’s owner, Merivale, along with beverage company Lion and marketing agency Ogilvy. It’ll set you back $28, you can get it filled with an icy Furphy or Byron Bay Ale and, unlike this guy, you can avoid a red face.

“This is an invention for all the people out there who have ever felt inadequate because they can’t carry four schooners at once,” says Ogilvy spokesperson Tom Warren. “There’ll be no need for a tray or making two trips to the bar from this day forward.”

To check out what’s on at The Vic and give the super schooner a run (tax deductible research for industry managers 😉) >>>