Coca-Cola Australia has unveiled its long-awaited new recipe for Coca-Cola No Sugar, which the company says is so good it will prompt Classic fans to cross the threshold.

Already hitting shelves, the new Coke No Sugar recipe is part of Coca-Cola’s efforts to make the popular zero-sugar beverage taste as much like its classic companion as possible.

Soft drink fans can spot the latest addition to the flavour roster by its new minimalist packaging.

“We know there continues to be a growing appetite for no sugar options and as people’s tastes and preferences have changed, so have we,” says Kate Miller, Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Australia.

“We believe this new taste will be popular with our current drinkers, as well as Coca-Cola Classic drinkers who are looking for a zero-sugar alternative.”

According to Miller, Aussies who have already tasted the new Coke No Sugar recipe have had positive reactions, with a significant number of consumers preferring the new recipe to the old one — not only that, but many favour the new Coke No Sugar compared to other flavours.

In 2019, Coca-Cola Australia made a commitment to reduce sugar by 20 per cent throughout its offerings by 2025.

“Since Coca-Cola No Sugar was launched in Australia in 2017, the product has seen significant growth and we continue to innovate to keep driving this growth,” Miller says.


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