Register.Me is an integrated COVIDSafe and compliant sign in system new to the market.

Inspectors across the country are losing patience with venues not maintaining COVIDSafe regulations and are quickly issuing fines for non-compliance. Apart from guests not maintaining social distancing, one of the top reasons for fines continues to be incorrect names and numbers on the sign-in system, and not transferring paper systems to an electronic format. SINT has just launched a simple COVIDSafe compliant sign in system that does the job for you and can save you money in fines and potential venue shutdowns if breaches occur more than once.

It utilises two-factor authentication to confirm that details provided by members and guests signing in are correct at the date and time of sign in. The advantage to Register.Me is that people cannot leave an invalid mobile phone number when registering as the system returns a unique ID back to the phone. To enter the guest must present this unique code on entry. No more sign-ins from Daffy Duck and Mickey Mouse!

Register.Me is great for pubs and golf clubs where drivers licence based sign in systems are not used. Basic QR code website scanning systems cannot distinguish an authentic mobile number and put the venue at risk of fines for COVIDSafe breaches. For clubs with a sign-in system, Register.Me will integrate seamlessly and confirm that details in your system are correct.


Reports are auto emailed, and an SMS notification can be easily sent to everyone that was onsite on a particular day direct from the software. The venue has a live display screen showing the unique ID and the mobile number registered for each guest.

Members and guests simply use the camera on their phone to activate the QR code and enter their name, and optional email address, to safely and securely gain entry into the venue.



If you would like more information on Register.Me call:

Jason Drew

Secom/Sint – Phone:  1300 781 224