Changes were made to NSW mandatory gaming signage in January to ensure they remain effective in reducing gambling harm. There is currently a six-month transition period until 22 July 2021 for all operators to become compliant with the new arrangements. Just this week Liquor & Gaming have confirmed and extension to that date for TITO tickets:

“Recognising the impact of COVID-19 on existing stock levels and ongoing shipping delays, Liquor & Gaming NSW has agreed to extend the transition period for clubs and hotels to comply with the new requirements in relation to gaming machine tickets for a total of 12 months, until 22 January 2022.”

NSW Liquor and Gaming had announced changes to signage to allow clubs to increase their flexibility in sourcing signage, reduce their costs and wait times for signage supply and to better assist harm minimisation messaging. The changes took effect from 18 January 2021.

The new signage included a stronger visual image and greater use of colour and pictograms making them more noticeable and easier to understand. The signage was developed using research and independently tested for effectiveness in reducing gambling harm.

The biggest advantage allowed for club and hotel licencees to download the new designs and arrange for their own printers to produce the signs at a cheaper cost for venues.

The print design files for all regulatory signage can be downloaded at this link>>>


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