Next Payments are showcasing their new Cash Redemption Terminal at AHGE.

Your venue can now advertise on the CRT with both video and static images. The unit plays marketing videos on the top of the screen when the unit is being used to engage patrons. It’s ideal for highlighting your next gaming promotion, rewards program or gaming event. When the unit is idle, the video will continue to play, with static marketing images filling the screen.

Another unique new feature is a ‘donate to charity’ option allowing players to donate small change from winnings to a charity of your venue’s choice. For example, if a payout is $63, the patron is invited to donate $3, and collect $60. Your venue will facilitate the donations and the CRT will reconcile payments and provide data on how much your patrons are donating.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the new CRT features.




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To find out more about Next Payments and see their brand new CRT, visit the Next Payments stand 120 at the 2017 AHG

 Alternatively, visit or call 1300 659 918