Despite having parking spaces for over 900 vehicles, Campbelltown Catholic Club still found itself with a parking space dilemma on most Saturday nights.  “Every event we had at The Cube stretched our parking capacity to its limits,” said Craig Epton COO of Campbelltown Catholic Club.

They needed to find a cost-effective way to park more cars on busy nights and were also looking to add something different to their offering, so they looked to valet parking as a solution.

The main benefits they have found since introducing the valet parking services are that patrons attending the venue can now simply drive to the front door and start their night out.  From the patron’s point of view, the Club takes care of the parking and thus takes the stress out of finding somewhere to park.

Campbelltown offers the valet parking service for a $10 fee to all patrons attending the club and says the overall reaction has been very positive. Some of the feedback even saying it is now the reason they now attend the club on a Saturday night.

The club teamed with First Class Valet after looking at numerous options to try and increase their parking capacity. They did two trial dates and after the positive feedback from patrons worked out an agreement that allowed the club to offer this service on a weekly basis.

Parking in and around Sydney is a major issue for many venues, especially on high traffic nights.  And we all know the effect that a lack of parking can have on VIP gaming customers, so a valet parking service could be an option to resolve your venues parking, or lack of parking, woes. It could also be a great add-on to a clubs’ loyalty program.

First Class Valet will work with a venue to tailor event packages, premium event packages and services for VIP gaming members and restaurant patrons.  They work across the Sydney metro region and are a full-service parking company providing parking management solutions and traditional valet parking services for clubs, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and special events.

Robert Horton, Director of First Class Valet says their mission is to elevate people’s experience by providing excellence whenever and wherever they can.

Interested clubs and hotels can contact the First-Class Valet team at or call 1300 1VALET (1300 182 538)