It should come as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way in which most businesses operate. Element Security has been working with Clubs and Pubs for over 12 years to provide expert Electronic Security Solutions and we have been working behind the scenes to ensure we have the best occupancy control & people counting solution available for Pubs and Clubs living in a COVID world.

Clubs and Pubs along with the industry suppliers, have all made changes to their businesses and developed practical ways to repurpose our existing technology to better manage their operations moving forward. Core to this is re-commencing operations as soon as possible but to do so in such a way that both staff and patrons are safe and well-protected.

A critical factor to the safe operation of Clubs and Pubs in a COVID world is the monitoring and management of patrons. Particularly, the entry and exit of patrons into a venue to ensure that the venue does not exceed a possible pre-determined maximum capacity. Element Security utilises camera technology built with 3D analysis to count people entering and exiting the venue. This enables us to provide real-time precise tracking and high accuracy people counting for up to 98% for your venue.

Typically mounted over the entrances and exits of a venue, the dual-lens camera enables the stereo vision to accurately track the 3D positions of objects (including adults and children) whether in small or large groups. Additionally, the camera can differentiate between human and non-human objects thus ensuring that your security and operations teams have accurate readings and data even at the busiest of times.

By introducing this technology to your Club or Pub, you can be confident that you have an accurate read on the number of patrons in your venue at any one time and that you eliminate the possibility of overcrowding and exceeding any possible future government regulations. Over and above this, you can provide your employees and customers with the reassurance that you are fully equipped to protect their best interests when visiting your venue.

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