For many clubs COVID-19 has changed the way some aspects of hospitality industry promotions operate. Not only do we have limited promotions budgets, but we are also faced with many customers still too nervous to come back to venues. It’s fair to say, that regardless of these uncertain times, raffles are here to stay, and are now primed for their own accelerated evolution.

It’s tricky to stay true to the raw charm of something as traditional as a raffle, while embracing a broad range of extra “smarts” that now seem abundant in most other entertainment formats.

The hurdles that limit effective change, are usually complexity and expense, along with a natural desire to keep using familiar, or “normal” methods. This new era of raffles starts close to home, with commission free sales using cash (from any device) and pos (either your existing solution, or a readily available “snap-on” solution) and extends to include zero admin, managed from any device.

The immediate benefit of those combined elements is a breath of fresh air for venue staff, meaning no fuss sub-club raffles. Any device, any network, onto the venue TV/s – happier sub-clubs, less stress, and a complete absence of techy stuff.

The obvious advantage to adding an online element for any venue is maintaining that social connection with regular customers and provides an extension to your clubs’ customer experience for members who are choosing to remain at home. When they do venture out again, they will remember that connection to the club community.



For the optional online component, there is a significant reduction in the number of staff required to operate the promotion and if you are using Facebook for the live draws, there is the added benefit of customers interacting through comments (future members).

This “hybrid” offering comes complete with a customised payment page, plus plenty of friendly support. The two worlds blend seamlessly with a combination of names and numbers, with both audiences feeling part of the fun.

This solution also manages all your in-house TV promotions using nothing more than Google and Facebook – point and shoot makes it fun and simple. Photos, graphics, videos plus all regular events are automatically included along with featured events, direct from your Facebook Page.

With a younger crowd now coming into clubs, and older members not venturing out, there are added opportunities here…

Just as some members fear coming into a public venue due to the pandemic, the old-style meat and seafood raffles, where prizes are prepared in a business outside the club don’t offer a secure transaction for some players and hold little interest for the increasing number of younger members.

COVID-19 raffle prizes need to be focused on prizes where businesses are still operating, are everyday priorities and can be easily delivered. Here are some COVIDSafe ideas to cater for a younger crowd and mix up your online raffle prizes:

  • Woolies/Coles gift cards
  • Netflix gift cards
  • Meal delivery service vouchers
  • Bunnings gift cards
  • Driving lessons for teenagers
  • Box subscriptions – beer, wine
  • Free coffee vouchers
  • Cocktail workshops at your club/pub

Traditional prizes can still be offered but allowing players a wider choice provides a point of difference for your venue and recognises the change in demographic groups.

To see how the Club Raffles system works in a club click here >>>

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