Over the past week, Orange Ex-Services’ Club (OESC) has hosted a number of Eugowra residents and various organisations who provided evacuees shelter, food and accommodation. Nathan Whiteside, OESC Chief Executive Officer, said “We got to meet some incredibly strong individuals who, when they arrived at OESC, had nothing but the wet clothes on their backs. We also got to see the generosity of our community and the broader Club industry”.

On Wednesday, 16th November 2022, OESC reached out to the broader Clubs industry, calling for donations to support the flood victims in NSW’s Central West (Eugowra and surrounding areas). With the assistance of Jenny White (White Now CEO), Orange Ex-Services’ Club launched a donation hub for the Club’s industry to pledge and donate. The Club identified one of the major needs being EFTPOS and Gift Cards. “This donation hub has been set up for our industry to pledge a donation that will go towards purchasing these vouchers”.

The response they received was, as Mr Whiteside shared, “unbelievable and exceeded our expectations. We are so proud of our Club community in what has been raised from Clubs and industry bodies in NSW, VIC and QLD”. So far, Through the Clubs initiative, we have raised over $200,000.00, and not to mention the generosity of the community that has also raised over $60,00.00, on top of a large stockpile of physical goods from water, baby supplies and cleaning products.

For anyone who would like to support this initiative, we ask you to follow the link below to pledge and donate. OESC will purchase the vouchers on your behalf and invoice you for the amount owed.

Your venue can choose to donate either:

– 5 x $50 Vouchers ($250)

– 10 x $50 Vouchers ($500)

– OR any other amount that your club is comfortable with

Pledge your donation here:


Orange Ex-Services’ Club Board and Staff would also like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our call for donations. Any donation, small or large, counts towards making a difference in these victims’ lives as they rebuild their community.