Many people within the club industry are familiar with the Help2Help charity, established by Barrington Director Blayne Webb and his wife Faye in 2012.  Dozens of clubs and hundreds of industry volunteers have supported the charity’s Cambodian initiative over the past 6 years establishing an education centre, hospitality school, health clinics, food packs and financial help.

2018 saw Help2Help again partner with a number of clubs and volunteers to utilise a food van to attend schools to provide breakfast as a community outreach and integration project, as well as to raise funds at sporting events like the recent Cronulla / St George clash.

The charity’s latest initiative is the launch of Ratha’s Place – a café located in western Sydney at St Marys which will be staffed by people with disabilities from local disability providers, providing them with meaningful employment within the hospitality industry.

The cafe will also become the hub for Help2Help’s food preparation for a ‘Meals on Wheels’ style offering as well as Meals for the Homeless in Sydney’s West.

There will be an opportunity for volunteers to get involved, particularly with respect to the preparation and delivery of food in the western suburbs.

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From March 30th, most television channels in Australia will be banned from showing gambling ads during live sports events between 5 a.m. and 8.30 p.m.

Gambling advertising, including betting odds, will be banned from five minutes before the scheduled start of a match until five minutes after the match. It does not apply to horse, harness and dog racing.

The new rules are being enforced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority after an announcement by the Federal Government last May.

The ban applies to all sports coverage

Under the legislation announced by the government on Friday, there was an exemption granted to “low-audience” sports TV channels such as ESPN and Eurosports.

Some anti-gambling crusaders have criticised the ban, saying it doesn’t go far enough and should be extended beyond the 8.30 p.m. deadline.

The ban does not yet extend to online advertising, though the government is currently considering further legislation.

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Notorious anti-pokies campaigner Nick Xenophon says he has no plans to run at the next federal election after his bid to become the third force in South Australian politics has sensationally failed. However, he has vowed to continue to be an “agitator” on political issues close to his heart.

The former senator said he would keep the pressure on the pokies lobby, which he blamed in part for his SA-Best party’s loss in all but two upper house seats.

Mr Xenophon said the party’s failure to elect any lower house MPs, including himself, is his fault and was the result of its resources being spread too thin and the “dirty” campaign waged against it.

He plans to still have a role in politics in some way.

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