Clubs and pubs often think “local” when it comes to their customers and don’t see the need for updated outdoor branding and signage for their venue. But just because your venue has been there for 50 years doesn’t mean everyone knows where you are, or who you are.

If your venue is a little tired it may look just like a non-descript building to people who are passing through, or new to the area. Clubs and hotels will often prioritise upgrades inside their building for members but forget that a contemporary paint job and updating your external branding through clever and on-trend signage can add to your potential customer base and put you on the map.

Outdoor signage is the most important signage in your venue because it’s what gets customers in the door, which is the biggest hurdle to beginning a relationship with a potential member or customer. As the first impression of your business, the signage is an indicator of the “brand” that marks your club or hotel as different. If there is no signage outside, and the exterior looks tired, what do you think people will imagine is inside?

Here’s why it’s so important for your business:

1. First impressions count

Exterior signage is the first impression customers have for your business. It should fit with all of your venue branding and provide a seamless vision of what your business is about. For those who don’t think that external signage can provide that in reality, how about these ones:

Effective signage may encourage people who have passed your club or hotel many times before to finally give it a chance and cross your threshold.

2. Outdoor signage can be a simple and effective advertising tool.

Outdoor signage can be more than just the name and logo of your venue. Advertising your restaurant deals, your accommodation availability, and special entertainment events, can promote your venues activities throughout the area to every car that drives by.

Outdoor signage can take many forms including pylon and plinth signage.  The clarity of video signage is so strong these days that they are effective both during bright days as well as nights, but quality is important here. Signage should be placed with as much walk by and drive by visibility as possible.

3. VIP signage

Every hotel has a “VIP lounge” sign outside, but not many clubs do, which is a missed opportunity. Everyone knows what a VIP Lounge is really advertising and the words “open till late” can be the most effective prompt for customers.

4. Choosing the right signage partner

External branding is as much a science as an art, and it’s important that both the message and the quality is of signage is appropriate for a venue’s needs. The signage design not only has to be a drawcard for your venue but must stand up to the elements in Australia from a technical perspective.

FREMONT is the leading supplier of quality external branding signage in the industry, working for over 20 years with the top clubs and hotels. Originally Brett Dallas and Dave Peck started FREMONT with the sole motivation of designing and supplying well-designed and executed signage to the highest standard through their design studio, sign manufacturing workshop and most of all their team of creatives and craftsmen.


Your brand is the identity customers come to know and external signage is the most important drawcard for your club or hotel.


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