Many of our hospitality venue owners have asked us questions around COVID, and what they need to do to prepare for the future. The questions we are most frequently asked are:  “What is life going to be like post-COVID-19?” and “Do we start planning for the future, and what does the future look like?”

At this stage, no one can predict the future, however history has proven that venues who realistically  plan for the future in times of need have been in a better position to hit the ground running and find a pathway forward that pivots and progresses their business.

During the GFC, there was a shift in the economy that saw a conservative approach by clients who slowed down on planning and then realised they needed to be prepared for when the economy adjusted and returned. Likewise, with smoking legislation, change was needed to evolve the business model, and venues that reacted immediately gained the greatest advantage.

At DACCA Architecture we have advised our clients, through our 20-year history of partnering with hospitality owners, more than ever you need to plan, research, and target your current and future markets. This can come in the form of:

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Environment and Sustainable experience with their venues
  • People are more than ever comparing price, value for money, and venue experience
  • Venue Design is particularly important.

COVID-19, has proven to be changeling for some market segments, such as events, live music, social drinking, and large gatherings. Other product offers, like gaming and food & beverage are becoming a space which has been affected by social distance rules with authorities clamping down on venues not correctly following COVID Safe rules. With 1.5m spacings between people, and 4m2 per person allowable within the floor area solutions are needed to overcome these obstacles.

We advise our clients, to consider the “SEPV” Dacca Philosophy in living with COVID 19. Hospitality environments are a key part of social activity. Without them, as human beings, we are seeking other avenues for social interactions. During and post-COVID humans will want hospitality venues to be ready to provide the social interact once again in a safe way.

Preparing for this is both easy and difficult at the same time.

Some solutions may be to address simple items to achieve a big outcome. For example, if you’re a bowling club, becoming a PLUB, by planning for future markets within a social atmosphere will add appealing space for venues and renew confidence and interest among local customers.

Research a suitable solution within your operation. Through design, operation and branding, a new market may be just around the corner. These are some circumstances we see in our current market.

Now is the time to consider planning for the future, and this may include the following:

1. Look at the amenities of your spaces. Do you have natural light you can better utilise within your venues?

2. The importance of appealing “meet and greet” priorities, and how customer service is a key component of your clientele’s happiness.

3. Consider lighting and glare within the room.

4. Plan for current and future markets –is your area changing? How will this change your market in 5 & 10 years?

5. Having 100% of gaming machine entitlements available for use. You may consider expanding your gaming spaces.

6. Looking at other spaces within the venue, these may be opportunity to drive a new market.

7. Starting from big picture point of view and looking at how you can grow your site. Keeping in mind current and post-COVID rules.

8. Consider where to pitch your TAB, sports viewing and gaming markets.

Dacca architecture with our clients in planning their path through COVID 19 and their future. If you need some direction or are after some creative thing, please get in touch with us.


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