At Club Windang has become the first NSW regional club to implement Teslabs PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Monitoring system to ensure that their CCTV System is operating at peak performance 24/7/365.

Club Windang undertook major renovation four years ago updating most of their member facilities and adding a new outdoor gaming area. CEO Joanne Thiele said, “Since completing the renovations, the Club has gone from strength to strength in membership and financial performance, and we still have a lot of improvements we want to make going forward.”

“Like a lot of Clubs our CCTV system was first installed many years ago, and we have gradually been replacing old analogue cameras with new IP units.  In the past we have had incidents at Club Windang, where we have gone to our CCTV System to use the footage, only to find that footage of the incident wasn’t available for one reason or another. From our perspective, this presented us with an unacceptable risk factor to our members.”

“Fortunately, we came across the Teslabs PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Monitoring system at a recent CMAA Zone Meeting. Teslabs are a CMAA Bronze Sponsor. Installation of the PROACTIVE system is a small step forward in the future plans for Club Windang.”

Terry Stanley, MD at Teslabs explained, “CCTV Systems in Clubs are used to protect members, staff, assets, and buildings. You want to ensure it stays that way, which is why we have introduced PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Monitoring. It is our unique service used to ensure your CCTV Systems are operational 24/7/365. By monitoring and detecting CCTV issues around the clock and reporting them directly to the Club’s management team, the issues can be resolved before they become critical.”

“Traditional CCTV maintenance leaves your assets vulnerable between visits and relies on you to discover and report faults, often after incidents have already occurred.  Our PROACTIVE CCTV Maintenance Service identifies and reports issues via email automatically, 24/7/365 when they occur, reducing your vulnerability and downtime when systems are faulty.”

Club Windang’s past experiences with their CCTV System is so typical of many Clubs across the country. Teslab’s Proactive system enhances new installations, by providing accurate and timely information. and helps to extend the life of older systems where faults are often more frequent, by reporting those faults to management as they happen, and rectification action can be implemented promptly minimising downtime.

Tracy Whitfield, Assistant Manager at Club Windang said, “We now receive a daily report each morning, before we open the doors to members, on the current status of our entire CCTV System, plus email alerts during the day if there are any status changes on our system. That gives us the confidence and peace of mind, that if we do have an incident, we will have the footage we need.”

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