AGT has released its newest game range for the EVO cabinet: the Golden Cash games with two great games Golden Ox and Golden Tiger both off to a flying start in the market, and two more games coming soon. Both new games feature slightly different art, maths and game features to keep players interested with amazing graphics, and very clear main symbols so the players can easily track them as the reels spin. Combining an  Hold and Respin style feature, with a free game series, jackpot bonuses and a top jackpot, there are plenty of targets for players to chase. To add to the variety, these games are available in both SAP and Link formats with each aimed at slightly different markets.

AGT: ‘Golden Ox-Golden Cash’ and ‘Golden Tiger-Golden Cash’

Denomination: There is some market differentiation provided by the game suites. The SAP version of the Golden Cash games are available in a multidenom pack (1c, 10c, $1 and $2*), but the Golden Link offers a unique higher multi-denomination mix (5c, 10c, $1 and $2*) and fits properly into the high denom area of your gaming floor and has traditionally been a strong product area for AGT.

Game Features: Each of the Golden Cash games released so far provides a unique game experience for the player.

In Golden Ox, 6, 7, 8 or 9 scattered Ox symbols trigger the Golden Cash Hold and Respin style feature.  With lots of the strong trigger symbols the player will see them easily and build anticipation as they spin through. The additional free game feature is triggered by an overlay symbol, and the player can win either feature during game play. During the free games feature the player has an opportunity to win the bonus jackpots based on the number of bonus symbols they achieve, and it won’t take your regular players long to work out that the higher their bet, the more bonus symbols they see. The Golden Ox artwork contains strong Asian themed symbols with rich red and gold artwork that will stand out on the gaming floor.

For Golden Tiger the Golden Cash Hold and Respin style feature can be picked up by achieving a 6, 7, 8 or 9 Tiger symbol scatter, and 3 free games symbols triggers 8 free games. In this game there are lots of Wild symbols that substitute in the feature and a ‘stacked wild’ that fills and holds on the fifth reel that will turn a four-of-a-kind into a five-of-a-kind win for the player. The art on Golden Tiger will be the stronger choice for the 50+ female demographic with purples, greens and gold designs on an African animal theme

In the Golden Link these game features remain constant but the games on this link are Duo pack games with both of games available in the one machine. The second Duo game pack for the link will be the next two games in the range available soon.

SAP Profile: The jackpot level for Golden Cash is a choice for the venue of $5,000 or $7,500 which allows the club manager to choose the level of volatility they are comfortable with and is consistent across both the current and the future game releases in the range. The three lower levels are true bonuses for the players and change according to the players bet. This gives all types of players an opportunity to chase a bonus value that is achievable for them, ranging from small fast-hitting $10 bonus through to much larger values for the bigger betting players.

On the Golden Link venues can choose from either $15,000 or $20,000 start-ups. A jackpot of this size is perfect to get players chasing it as the jackpot lifts and will generate much interest from regular players as it climbs. It is best suited mathematically for at least a 4-6 machine link

Volatility:  This game volatility in both the Golden Cash and Golden Link versions of these games is provided by the players’ choice of denomination and stake. The games provide an advantage in the bonus amounts for players willing to increase their bets.  With three different bonus levels designed to trigger often and regular hitting game features the players will certainly feel like they have a good opportunity to win.

Floor Position:  The Golden Cash SAP games can be positioned in any high traffic area on the gaming floor but will be more successful banked together. The bonus levels and the top SAP jackpot are attractions for the game and should be in a position where these can be easily seen by players moving around the gaming room.  The Golden Link is a specific high and mid denomination game pack and will fit perfectly into your areas set aside for bigger players, either in a high denom area or more comfortable spaces for longer periods of play.

Performance: Golden Cash games have entered the NSW, QLD and VIC markets in recent weeks and independent performance results have been very strong with Golden Ox 35% above the NSW state average turnover for clubs and Golden Tiger 59% above that mark in a very competitive market. In QLD Clubs the Golden Link is leading the way at 54% above the state average daily turnover with both Golden Cash (SAP) games more than 30% above that benchmark. More importantly, it is not just one or two machines, but with over 118 of these games moving into the NSW market alone and a further 88 in QLD during June the data provides an accurate picture of game performance.  Anyone who has been watching their performance in recent weeks would have seen them lifting up the rankings each week since their market release.  With two more games still to be added to the range, there is plenty of reason to expect even stronger game results.


*Denomination package does not represent all markets.