In the lead up to the AGE, IGT has asked The Drop to test drive their new HyperHits games ‘Longship Legends’ and ‘The Golden Bow’. Here are our thoughts on where to position them in your venue and the features we think your players will love. 

IGT: “HyperHits”

IGT has taken their new game design direct to the players and their input has contributed to a focus on the game features in the new HyperHits game range. They have also listened to their club and hotel customers who want games to give them some flexibility in return percentages to ensure solid bottom line ROI. Offered as multi-denomination games, in both SAP and Link versions, with several jackpot levels, there are more than enough configuration options to suit clubs and pubs of all sizes with varied demographic gaming markets.

Game Packs: The first two new games are available this week, ‘Longship Legend’ (Euro theme) and ‘The Golden Bow’ (Asian theme). ‘Longship Legend’ offers the player up to 25 free games with a 3, 4 or 5 scatter trigger, but when in the feature, only 2 scatters are required to trigger extra free games for the player.  Another popular feature is the expanding substitute symbol during the free games which adds to the player’s wins. ‘The Golden Bow’ offers a slightly different play experience with 3 scatters triggering 7 free games but with a substitute symbol which holds that reel for a spin when it appears, and awards an extra free game. It stays held if the player continues to spin up the subs, adding to the number of free games. There is plenty there in the feature in these games which is the main focus for current gamers.

The additional HyperHits feature is common to both games and gets the players into the jackpots. Overlaid symbols, which are loaded on the 5th reel and reminiscent of IGT’s popular Jetsetter games, mean that a 4 of a kind win for the player will give them a good chance to bag the 5th symbol and win a jackpot prize. Their odds increase as they bet up which they will quickly work out.

Position: The SAP games have a consistent style, featuring red and blue art, which will stand out on any gaming floor and lend themselves to being banked together to feature the games. There are several attractive signage options for the Link version of HyperHits, so placing them in a prominent and visible position on the gaming floor is ideal. As they will appeal to many different demographic gamer markets they could fit into all high traffic positions on your gaming floor.

Denomination: As a multi-denomination game the players will be able to choose from a range of mid or low denomination choices in multiway configuration so they can chase the symbols on any reel position left to right, rather than waiting for them to strike on a specific paid line.

Flexibility with RTP%: The industry data is clear that there has been a slow increase in return to player percentages that is effecting the bottom line in most clubs. Most SAP and Link games these days are offered between 91.5% – 93% depending on the size of the jackpot, but are often operating above that level depending on the player’s choices. With these HyperHits games, IGT has started to offer clubs and hotels more flexibility in RTP levels. The HyperHits games range between 90-92% depending on the denomination the players choose but don’t compromise on the jackpot amounts or game play for your punters.

SAP and Profile: Again, choice is the keyword here. On the HyperHits SAP the games are available with $3000, $5000 or $9000 jackpots, and the HyperHits Link can be configured with a top jackpot of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000. Each club and hotel can choose the level of exposure they can afford and still offer a good jackpot for their players.

Volatility:  Both Longship Legends and The Golden Bow are medium volatility games so they will be popular with the regular club players who enjoy spending time on the machines and it should give them a solid run for their investment. However, the scaled paytable that increases as players increase their bets will suit your bigger punters. It’ always an advantage when a game can target more than one style of player.

Performance: The games are due to roll out into clubs this week. Early results will be posted as soon as they are available.