Earlier this week, Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello introduced a bill in NSW Parliament which proposes a number of changes to the Registered Clubs Act 1976 for NSW Clubs.

Following an ongoing commitment by ClubsNSW to advocate for an evening out of the playing field for clubs through more streamlined sign-in and membership processes, the proposed changes will be welcomed by many clubs across NSW.


The most significant of the proposed changes would include:


  • Club boards would be required to meet quarterly rather than monthly.
  • The requirement for clubs to charge a minimum $2 per annum for ordinary membership would be repealed which means that clubs could offer free membership or elect to charge via their rules.
  • Liquor and Gaming NSW would have the power to create an exemption to the 5km rule.
  • Clubs would have the power to hold virtual member meetings and distribute meeting notices electronically. As clubs which are companies already have this power in the Corporations Act, this amendment would give the same power to clubs that are co-operatives.
  • Clubs would no longer be required to display the address of a new member on the club premises.
  • Clubs would no longer be required to collect the occupation details of members.
  • The Minister currently has a power to decide which club members can vote at an election of club boards. The Bill would give the Minister an option to effectively delegate this power to Liquor and Gaming NSW.


Further information on the Customer Service Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 can be found on the NSW Parliament website, here