Look around … look closely and you will notice that electronic security is playing a much bigger role in our lives than ever before.

You knew that already – without having to look around. In fact, in your own business there has undoubtedly been an increased role for security.

The driver of this has been a mix of legislative, regulatory, and enforcement requirements and expectations from communities, staff and customers.

In short, your business is being held to higher security standards than ever.

And this means a whole lot more hinges on how your security system works.

The question is:

What type of system are you prepared to give this responsibility to?

It seems obvious that it can’t simply be the cheapest system – even though your budgetary limitations are paramount. That is, Affordability is an important feature to consider. (Mind you, the recent changes to taxation claims makes for far easier budgetary decisions.)

Three points you should be thinking of as essential requirements are:

  1. Ease & Speed of Operation

It can be very time consuming – and therefore expensive – to search, find and export incidents. A system that enables this to be done quickly and easily will pay for itself far earlier.

  1. Image, Clarity and Quality

The most expensive system is the one that delivers images that prove useless.

  1. System Design

The design of your system should be driven by your property and your needs. Make sure whoever is designing and installing has the experience, expertise and skill to achieve this.

Of course, there are other things to consider. For example:

  • Suitability – how well does the system meet your needs? Will it achieve the immediate security outcomes required? Does it fit with the way your operation works, does your team have the skills (or can they easily acquire the skills) to operate the system efficiently and effectively?
  • Reliability – simply put: can you rely on the system? Will it perform to the standards you require?
  • Durability – will it last, what is the lifetime of the system and its components, how often do they require maintenance and/or replacement?
  • Scalability – are you able to easily change the system to suit changes in your business.
  • Flexibility – does the system lock you in to using specific types of hardware or do you have flexibility? Will it interface with other systems you have including other security systems?

When it comes to all these characteristics our recommendation is that you take a very, very close look at Avigilon. They have been leaders in this sector for many years. Of course, Avigilon are not the cheapest products but, in our opinion, they represent by far the best value.

Avigilon’s performance is second to none for those first 2 essential points – Ease & Speed of Use and the Image Clarity & Quality. Prove it to yourself by having a demonstration of the system.

As to essential point #3 – Design and Install – the technical advantages of Avigilon and the expertise of Exact Technologies form a compelling partnership.  Exact is a quality provider with long experience in hospitality & gaming and a deep understanding of the technology. With this partnership you are well on the way to a system that perfectly suits your security needs, delivers results and fits your budget.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES is the perfect partner to start a conversation about your electronic security needs. Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation consultation.

Exact’s experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues is extensive and the ideal team to look to when you’re considering technology for your venue.


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