A pub has been slammed for a Facebook post promoting the NRL finals that appeared to condone violence against women.

Coopers Pub in Newtown published the controversial post on its Facebook page last Wednesday. It featured a cartoon picture of Batman slapping Robin and told its customers to “Keep calm and slap a b**ch as we approach the finals of this years NRL! Live & Loud every game!”.

The post was quick to attract criticism from angry patrons and locals for making light of domestic violence – especially after statistics showed domestic assaults surged by 40% on State of Origin night.

After the onslaught, the post was edited to say “Keep calm and hug like you can’t take a joke,” and showed a picture of children’s characters the Care Bears.

Later the same night the post was deleted and less than 24 hours later, the venue announced it had fired the staff member responsible for the post.

It’s a strong warning that Social Media is not only a powerful and immediate communications channel but that it has to be managed strategically and professionally.

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