Tabcorp has struck an exclusive wagering deal with pubs and hotels in NSW, countering a recent ground-breaking partnership between rival CrownBet and ClubsNSW.

There are 1116 AHA members across the state, and under the deal, the pubs will receive a commission from the bets placed at their venues on the TAB app. The rate is the same as when bets are placed in cash.

Trailing commissions will also be paid to the pubs for bets placed by customers they have convinced to sign up to the TAB app while in their venues, similar to the model.

Tabcorp said the pubs accounted for about $1.6 billion in annual turnover for the group and said the deal would better cater for changing customer preferences as betting habits shifted towards more punting via smartphones and tablets.

Australian Hotels Association NSW chief executive John Whelan said:  “This partnership will allow us to provide punters with an even better pub wagering experience.”

Sources: The Australian and Australian Financial Review