Many venues across Australia know Task’s point-of-sale (POS) solution, with useful business intelligence, inventory management, analytics and sales reporting tools made for club managers. This time they have expanded their online ordering system with digital dine-in, curbside and delivery, with a pure customer focus. In the new post-COVID-19 environment customers are cautious in maintaining their health and will want to limit their contact with equipment.

With Task’s new at machine ordering, the players can use their own device, order from your menu, and pay at the machine. The whole process is contactless.

With restrictions easing, Task’s online ordering app allows your guests to bring their own device and order and pay in a matter of seconds. Complimentary food for tiered members and general gaming floor purchases can be handled easily and are teamed with tailored menus that fully integrate to the kitchens and preparation stations. The online ordering menus are graphical using eye-catching pictures of your menu items to bridge the language gap, and simplify ordering for many club and hotel players. They are contactless and cashless using a pay by phone process.


Check out the product video here >>>


Click the link to get in contact with Task today for a demo. https://tasksoftware.com/products/online-ordering