After a successful pilot program, Tabcorp Gaming Solutions (TGS) launched a Management Program (which is aligned to the Diploma of Leadership and Management) in February of this year. TGS report it is already being hailed a success by venues and students alike.

The decision to launch the program came after TGS identified the need to help venues upskill their managers further. As a registered training organisation, Tabcorp Training took on the task of developing the course which it could deliver internally at an affordable rate for partners.

TGS State Manager, Adam Floyd, forms part of the team running the program and he believes it has given participants a strong foundation to becoming a key decision maker in their workplace.

“The diploma is a face-to-face program, and hugely beneficial for both the venues and the individuals who choose to take part.”

“The aim is to give the individual both the knowledge and the practical skills needed to be able to better relate to their job and what it takes to be a manager. When an employee signs up, the skills and training pattern they go through is always aligned to their particular venue’s needs. It means the participant can take that knowledge directly back to their venue and use it to make informed business decisions,” Floyd said.

The course consists of nine subjects including Marketing, Customer Service and Finance. One workshop per month is conducted, which in turn provides the student with the chance to maintain a healthy balance between work, study and family commitments.

Operations Manager Zoe Symons from Buckley’s Entertainment Group is currently completing the diploma and she says it is the course’s practical approach to learning that she particularly responds to.

“I can absorb the material being delivered as it is relevant to my real working life. Because the course is geared towards our industry, I found that I am much more engaged and eager to attend.

Another key to the course’s success has been the ability of managers to learn not only together, but from each other. Head of Gaming at Pegasus Leisure Group, Stephen Donovan, says the course is set up so people can share experiences and work collaboratively in order to improve as leaders.

“The program and the interaction with like-minded managers in the hospitality industry has reminded me of how important it is to be open to other people’s ideas.”

Although anyone can apply to take part, the course is ideally suited towards hotel and club managers, venue gaming managers, operations managers, or those with two to three years of management experience in the hotel and club industry.

Once an application to take part in the course has been received, prospective participants will be asked to demonstrate a high level of motivation and prove they can apply what they learn to the workplace.

To register your interest, please email