The convergence of gambling and gaming continues to grow and it is transforming the nature of gambling in Australia. Social casino and sports game apps are completely legal, including those with in-app purchases.

Some clubs and casinos are embracing them as an off-site experience for their customers and are integrating these games into loyalty programs.  has put together a list of their top 10 casino and sports apps to give you an idea what is available. Just click on the name to see details and download.

  1. Casino Card Games

One of the best card games for thinking people is Blackjack and with this blackjack app you can enjoy it for free. Play a game now and then and appreciate the great gameplay and graphics. Free apps are also available in the online app stores if you prefer Baccarat or casino poker.


  1. Roulette

Everybody is familiar with this classic icon of casino games. It’s easy to get started with roulette games by using this high-quality Roulette app with the best versions. This app is a great choice for players looking for a variety of gaming rooms as well as bonus surprises.


  1. Play Pokies!

If you download this pokies games app you will get access to many different slots with entertaining themes and cool effects. This app also comes with reviews and news so that you won’t miss out on the latest titles as they are launched.


  1. Many Different Casino Games

You can also download this casino games app that will give you more than one specific type of card game. This app is a good pick since it lists the very best casino sites. All you have to do is click on your choice and get into the gaming. You can also choose this casino app which will help you find the best place to play blackjack. With this app you will also get reviews to help you navigate to the very best games.


  1. Sport slots

There are specific sport slots that have sport themes. With the app SPORT SLOTS you get games with sport legends and action heroes. You can get free coins daily to play totally for free. The app includes 12 different sport pokies and even allows you to compete with your friends in the game centre leader boards.


  1. All Stars Slot Machine

With this All Stars Slot Machine you get amazing slot action with sport themes. Here you can spin and win and with the high-quality graphics and animations, you can really lose track of reality!


  1. Dream League Soccer 2016

Did you ever wish that you could build your own soccer team? Well, now you can. With Dream League Soccer 2016 you can create the best team on earth with licensed FIFPro™ superstars. With this amazing sport game app, you even build your own stadium.


  1. Play Pool

You can play pool on your phone with the 8 Ball Pool app which is seen as one of the best pool game apps for mobile and tablet. You can practice or enter tournaments with other players. Sign in with your Facebook account to challenge friends.


  1. Go Bowling!

With this 3D Bowling game for Android phones you’ll know just what to do when you are bored. This is one of the best 3D bowling games out there with easy game play and a whole lot of action.


  1. Pacman is always a great Choice

The little yellow guy who loves eating dots and must avoid ghosts is an all-time favorite. You can play Pacman on your phone by downloading a Pacman app. This game app is suitable for all ages so you could even let your kids try it out.


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