AGT: South of the Border and Arabian Fire – Loaded with Loot

AGT has a new game range, ‘Loaded with Loot’, moving into the market with a fresh feature style that should add interest for many regular players and is initially released in two new game choices, Arabian Fire and South of the Border. A 5 symbol feature trigger turns into a collection of bonuses and credits that accumulates and tips into a “money safe” as the players move through the feature, building anticipation for a good win. The fun elements have been increased with a traditional free game feature as well, but extra picture symbols or additional multipliers mean that the players are more likely to get some increased prize values. This gives them the funds to continue playing adding some time to their play and better results for the venue.


This is a multidenomination game that is player selectable in 1c through to a $2 bet in NSW with a range of RTP% from 90-93%. In QLD the players can select from 1c through to $1 denomination options, with a choice of RTP% for the venue of 90-92%.

Game Features:

The unique component of both Arabian Fire and South of the Border games is the ‘Loaded with Loot’ feature which offers a fresh and interesting way of presenting a collection feature for the players that will increase their anticipation of a win. Players can achieve this feature either during normal game play or in the free game feature and is triggered by 5 symbols and awards four free games. These first 5 Opals or Sun symbols (depending on the game) are moved in a line along the base of the the top screen. As the player wins further Sun or Opal symbols they are added to the top line and push the first one into a safe. At the end of the free games the player wins the bonuses and jackpots that have dropped into the safe. Additional 1, 2 or 3 free games can be won on Sun or Opal symbols during the feature which increases the opportunities for players to collect prizes in the safe.

An additional free games feature is triggered by 3 or more scatters with 6 or 8 free games. The Arabian Fire free games feature awards wild multipliers on reels 2 and 4. South of the Border free games feature includes extra picture symbols added so the players can get higher wins as they play through the free games and additional free games can be retriggered during the feature.

SAP Profile:

The jackpots in this game can be awarded in several ways. The Grand Jackpot is awarded when 10 Gold Opals or Gold Suns have been collected in the safe during the Loaded with Loot feature and the Major Jackpot appears on the opal or sun symbols. Both the Grand and Major jackpots can be won randomly during normal game play as well. The Grand Jackpot win is up to a maximum value of $9000 and the Major with a maximum value of $1000. The Major jackpot prize level is important as a maximum jackpot level of $1000 is seen as achievable by most players and will likely be the value that drives their choice of machine.


Both South of the Border and Arabian Sun are medium volatility games. This means that those regular players who are prepared to lift their bet a little will increase their chances of winning a solid game return. The smaller day players should still get some fun from the game and a collection-style feature is always popular.

Floor Position:

This game is best in a mid floor position where your 2nd and 3rd tier players are most likely to play. It will still be accessible for the smaller day players but will generate better income with a slightly bigger player. It would work equally well in both smoking and non-smoking areas. The art themes are comfortable for both male and female players so positioning preference is flexible.


Both South of the BorderLoaded with Loot and Arabian SunLoaded with Loot are new release games but early strong performance results have seen them roll out into over 20 venues in NSW.