The Drop – Product Test Drive: Wymac Rapid Respins Games

Wymac: “Rapid Respins-Inca Moon” and “Rapid Respins VIP”.   

Wymac has been gaining ground in the market in the last year with several large clubs adding a few of their games to the floor for some added variety and a growing catalogue of gamesTheir early release games such as Golden Fang and Goddess of Fortune are still around in clubs and gave players an opportunity to become familiar with the Wymac machines. The two new Rapid Respins games, Inca Moon and VIP, have used the currently popular hold and spin feature as a base with a slightly different free games feature in each game for variety.

Wymac are certainly a company to keep an eye on, not just because the new Rapid Respins games are showing good performance results, but because they have an innovative range of new game formats now coming to market. It’s possible they may soon have approved the first gaming machine which includes an element of skill in the NSW market with their Pop Shots product, and they have just achieved a world first with the release of Bloomtopia, an entertainment concept containing a unique non-monetary component, launching at Crown Melbourne.


These games are 50 line games with a player selectable multi-denomination 1c/2c configuration with a wide range of RTP% from 89.5% to 91.9%.

Game Features:

Both games have a hold and spin feature that gives the players a chance to win credit prizes as well as the bonus prizes and Grand Jackpot. If a player collects all 15 credit prizes in the feature they have a 50/50 shot at either the Grand Jackpot or the Major Bonus prize. Players can even win the Grand Jackpot during the base game. The second feature in Rapid Respins-Inca Moon is a free game series with all the royal symbols removed to provide increased credit wins. Rapid Respins-VIP has the same hold and spin feature but in this game the player can trigger the free game feature with an added bonus of 10 free chances to retrigger the Rapid Respins feature.

SAP Profile:

These games have three bonus levels and a Grand Jackpot of $4,000. The top jackpot fits perfectly with the current trend for smaller jackpots. The players see these smaller top jackpots as more achievable to win and for the club, the liability is lower.


These games are low volatility games and designed to entertain and allow the regulars to have some good credit wins for extended play time

Floor Position:  

These games are made for a specific market of players, so they need to be positioned in a high visibility and highly social area of the gaming floor and not tucked away in a quiet corner. Any busy area mid floor, where large numbers of regular social players such as day players, bingo players and older players prefer, is perfect for these games.


As hold and spin games both of the Rapid Respins games have seen very positive turnover results as all these types of games do. Players have become so familiar with the 6 trigger feature with held symbols during the free spins, that these games naturally draw players just through familiarity, so the turnover is there. But, as low volatility games, they are also achieving very strong net results through players winning enough in smaller amounts to reinvest for longer term play. This is ensuring solid net profits with the Rapid Respins-Inca Moon currently in the market at 89% above the NSW Club average net and Rapid Respins-VIP at 73% above the state average for April MTD (25th) according to Maxdata. This is a continuation of the strong performance results from March (in the graphs below).