With so many serious heavy regular players games on the market it is refreshing when a colourful, bright and entertaining point of difference product hits the market aimed at the players who regularly fill our clubs. With a combination of a low hit rate in the base game, and entertaining feature and great artwork, AGTs new Crazy Jackpots Link will stand out on any gaming floor and appeal to your social player. Once in the Crazy Jackpot feature the player knows exactly what they are in the game to win, and at each spin the bonuses and jackpot ladder changes so that the game is unique for the player at every press of the button. Initially to be released as link with four game titles, a SAP version will also be available soon. The games offer something different to add to the gaming floor with a focus on stacked wilds, and lots of crazy ladder opportunities to win bonus and jackpot credits

AGT: “Crazy Jackpots”


Crazy Jackpots is a multi-denomination link with dynamic pays in the feature. As the player increases their bets the number of prizes on their crazy ladder also increases, so they can see immediately the effect of their bet on the game. Even for the smaller players who stick to lower bets, there are plenty of win opportunities and jackpots to be won by just covering the 50 lines. The bigger punters can also see that their increased bets gives them greater chances to win the higher level jackpots and their ladder will extend to fill up all the 10 prize levels on the ladder.

Game Features:

Each of the four game titles for the link have a slightly different feature so that the players get some game variety.  As the crazy ladder prizes can only be won during the feature, the focus is to get players into that feature quickly with a very low 1 in 20 hit rate in the base game. For example in the Egyptian themed Desert Sun three pyramid symbols triggers a free games feature, where any top symbol prize (a 5 of a kind pay of any symbol) triggers the crazy feature ladder. In this game, once in the free games the 5th reel is held as a wild, and there are lots of stacked wild symbols across the rest of the reels, increasing the players chances of getting more than one crazy ladder spin during the free games. In Cash Voyage the free games feature has sticky wilds, again making it feel easier to the player to achieve the 5 of a kind pay to achieve the crazy jackpot spin.

SAP Profile:

There is one progressive link level on the Crazy Jackpots Link where the club can choose a $10,000, $15,000 or a $20,000 start-up. A second level stand-alone progressive starts at $1000 and below that are 3 bonus levels for the players. This format keeps the jackpot liability lower for the club but gives the player a chance at 5 different winning levels above the game.


Volatility is provided in this game by the ability of the player to increase their crazy jackpot ladder levels as they improve their bets.  Once in the feature the high number of jackpot triggering symbols and low hit rate ensures the players get into some good wins quickly, with more and more opportunity for bonuses and jackpots if they lift their bet.

Floor Position:  

This game is definitely bright and entertaining and should sit in a highly visible high traffic area of the gaming floor. It is a point-of-difference product and will suit the regular players that come in everyday so positioning the link where they like to play is optimal.


At this stage the release of the link in QLD is expected around AHGE and in NSW the Crazy Jackpots Link is just moving into some of the early-adopter clubs and performance results should be available soon.

Visit the AGT stand at AHG Expo in Brisbane (27-28 March) to play and experience the new Crazy Jackpots Link