With four games in the series, Ainsworth’s new Ultra Shot games improve on their popular credit collection genre by featuring multi-level collection points with multipliers to drive player anticipation.  Designed to enhance the entertainment levels for players, these games, with a mix of free game features, low minimum bets (but the full range of denominations for higher tier players) and familiar art themes, combines with strong bonus elements to ensure something is always happening for regular gamers.

The Basics

Product: The Ultra Shot games are available for the A-Star and the new A-Star Slant

Denomination: The Ultra Shot games are 20-line games with a 5c ante bet which makes the 25c minimum bet great for those regular players who like spending time at the club. With the full range of denominations of 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, $1 and $2 there is still an opportunity for higher tier players to lift their opportunities for wins.

Jackpot Levels:  In NSW, the Ultra Shot (SAP) games offer a choice of a $7,500 or $5,000 Grand Jackpot, with a $500 Major Jackpot for both, plus two bonus levels. In QLD, gaming managers can opt for a Link Jackpot of $10,000, $15,000 or $20,000.

The Games

The art themes on the new Ultra Shot games will be familiar to many players who still love playing the Triple Shot and Quad Shot games, but the game play is totally different. Each of the games have a common Ultra Shot feature but have unique features in the games:

Sapphire Eyes has 10 free games with a random stack or replace symbol and a x3 multiplier on the centre reel

Tiger has 10 free games where 2 or more scatter symbols during the free games gives the player an additional 5 free games.

Royal Diamonds allows the players to choose their volatility levels by opting for one of 5 different free game options including 20 free games with a x2 multiplier, 15 free games with a x3 multiplier, 12 free games with a x4 multiplier, 10 free games with a x5 multiplier or 5 free games with a x10 multiplier.

Panda lets the player choose from one of five different free game options but has wild wins with a x2 multiplier and varying symbols replaced on the centre 3 reels.

The Ultra Shot Feature

The most interesting feature of the Ultra Shot game family is the credit collection that is common across all the games in the series. Players progress through three different levels but the collection method is much more efficient than other games of this type, speeding up play.  The coin collection feature is combined with a hold and spin mechanic to collect the coins required to move through each level. There are lots of coins to collect and you don’t need to collect that many to move up levels so players will appreciate the anticipation and speed of lifting from one level to the next.

To gain entry into feature player collects 6 or more scattered “coins” that include cash on coin amounts and add to their wins throughout the feature.

  • From the Single Level, players need to collect 15 coins (including the 6 you already earned to trigger the feature) to gain access to the Double Level. You get 3 respins to try and collect the 15 coins
  • In the Double Level the cash on coin values are x2 and players need to collect 12 coins to gain access to the Triple Level. The collection count resets and you have 3 respins to gain the 12 coins required.
  • In the Triple Level the cash on coin values are x3 and players now only need to collect only 10 coins to win the Grand Jackpot. They have 3 respins to achieve the jackpot.

See how the new games look in a short video here>>> Ultra Shot™ (

Game Positioning

These games are heavy on “entertainment” at the lower minimum bet end of the game play so a good high traffic position in the centre of the gaming room would be ideally suited for the Ultra Shot games. Higher tier players will find this area of the floor comfortable too.

For more information on Ultra Shot game play contact your Ainsworth Sales Representative, or visit Stand 900 at the AGE Show