IGT has recently proven that providing game variety has led to strong game performance in a market that is heavily loaded with one game type. The Fortune Gong SAP game range includes 2 titles now, Dragon Dynasty, Phoenix Rising with a third game just released this month, Guardians Treasure, on the new Crystal 27” machine. The Fortune Gong Link has had strong results in the Crystal Curve which stands out on any gaming floor, but the Fortune Gong SAP in the new Crystal Dual 27” provides clubs with some further flexibility when purchasing.  The unique features are providing some added interest for regular players and performance levels reflect this trend.


IGT: “Fortune Gong” Games

Denomination: Multi-denomination game allows players to choose the level of investment they are comfortable with, and options to cover different line configurations.

Game Features: The Fortune Gong games are packed with a range of unique game features that are triggered by the random prize above a triggering stack of 3 Fortune Gong symbols on a reel.  Random credit prizes that rise based on the players bet level, and free games that provide retrigger opportunities in the feature for even more free games, along with credit bonuses keep the player interested. Once the player triggers the Big Reel feature, they are guaranteed to win something, with bonus credit prizes based on their bet levels and the Maxi and Mini bonuses available to win.

As an additional tweak for superstitious players, the Fortune Gong symbol on the screen warps and ripples when touched for good luck.

SAP Profile: 3 jackpot options are available of $3,000, $5,000 and $8,000

Volatility:  With lots of ways to win through the feature in this game range most players will enjoy the frequent wins, but these increase as players improve their bet making the game more volatile for the regular player.  At a 92% return on the SAP the players win more than enough to reinvest and drive further turnover for the venue, and longevity of play time for the punter… WIN/WIN

Floor Position:  With options to support many bet levels for players, this game can go into any part of the gaming floor, however, it is probably best suited to an area frequented by regular players who can afford to increase their bets a little on this game for the dynamic paytable to achieve its best advantage. These games are well-suited to outdoor gaming areas.

Performance: The Fortune Gong Link in the Crystal Curve machine has been very strong with the Fortune Gong SAP in the new Crystal Dual 27” adding additional flexibility for clubs when purchasing. The new machine and the SAP format gives smaller clubs, who can’t support a link bank, an opportunity to install these very successful games. Early installs of the games were back in June so these SAP games have progressed through their honeymoon period, maintaining their performance. On Maxgaming data from October 2018, both Fortune Gong- Dragon Dynasty and Fortune Gong – Phoenix Rising are achieving a 1.3 performance ratio after 4 months in the market.  Net performance is at 1.6 and 2.3 times the NSW state average respectively. A third game, Fortune Gong-Guardians Treasure, while available in the Link version, is just moving into the market now, as a Crystal 27”SAP.

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