Fast play, a strong hold and competitive game performance are perfect for pubs.

IGT: Golden Fury

In NSW hotels, game choices for machine purchases have been simple in the last year, but IGT is now entering the mix with stronger and more consistent game performance on their Crystal Curve games. The newly available Crystal Dual 27” offers 4G graphics and game feature opportunities with an improved screen image and connected main and top screens in a standard machine cabinet. This increases both the flexibility for the hotel manager in positioning the machines and allows IGT to produce some more interesting game features that has been paying off in solid NSW hotel game performance. Golden Fury, available in both cabinets, has started positively and with the player having the ability to choose to play through the feature quickly, the bottom line should increase as the players get back into the game with greater speed.

Game Feature: Golden Fury allows punters to increase their bonus prize values by increasing their bet. These bonus meter values are presented as a Golden Fury bonus ladder that the players move up in the feature by collecting WILDS or winning a level-up. Additional extra +1 spin symbols add more opportunities to collect WILDs by increasing the number of free spins.

Extra volatility is added by allowing the players to choose 12, 8 or 5 free games with either 25, 45 or 90 WILDs respectively, and of course there are also the additional spin symbols during the feature to add to the volatility. This choice of free games gives players who like a fast game the opportunity to play through the feature quickly.

Position: This is a punters game with medium to high volatility and opportunities for bigger players to multiply their bonus meter values by their bet. Good performance should be achieved in both smoking and non-smoking areas equally and the game has significant visual appeal so place in a position to feature the bonus levels and the interactive graphics.

Denomination: This game offers multi-denomination play so players are able to choose from a range of bet configurations that best suits their budget.

SAP Profile: The top level on Golden Fury is a mystery $3000, $5000 or $7000 jackpot with five bonus levels that change according to the players bet.

Performance: Golden Fury has already been installed in a number of hotels and performance levels are strong with a Maxgaming Denom Turnover Ratio of 1.22 for August 2018.

To download information on current game performance in NSW Hotels and game features for Golden Fury click here>>golden-fury-hotel-performance