The Drop Test Drives IGT’s Star Stax: a new point of difference product for clubs in a market heavily skewed to one style of game.  Performance results signal that the players are ready for a change.

IGT: “Star Stax”

Club gaming floors have a very high number of ‘Hold n Spin’ style games, with most manufacturers now providing several game theme and art options to choose from, but with the same, or similar, game maths. IGT, rather than wasting resources on providing more of the same, have continued to drive forward with new game concepts and maths structures designed to add the entertainment back into the gaming experience, while still providing opportunities for regular players to increase their bets for substantial and frequent wins. Strong performance results from the market for Star Stax signals that the players appreciate the game variety and are ready for a change.

Game Features: With a low (less than 1 in 50) hit rate Star Stax ensures that both big and small players have some entertaining gameplay, while bigger players can increase their bets to leverage higher win opportunities and bigger bonuses in the feature. The game has been built with unique features such as a Trigger Star on the 5th reel that increases the level of anticipation and excitement for players ….and gives them an opportunity to access a new and innovative feature mechanic. The real interest for the player and the unique feature of the game is to build a stack of Stars symbols high enough to reach the jackpots in free games. The jackpots move down the screen with each extra star achieved, moving the jackpots closer to the player’s star stack.

Position: With a low feature hit rate and lots of volatility for regular punters this game will suit most positions on the gaming floor. Performance results have been strong in both smoking and non-smoking areas and the interactive graphics are a standout visually. Star Stax appeals to many different demographic gamer markets and you will need more than one, so a high visibility, high traffic bank would work well.

Denomination: Multi-denomination games are becoming the standard so the players are able to choose from a range of bet configurations that best suits their budget. The key is to ensure that both the big players and the smaller players get what they need…fun, and Star Stax delivers.

IGT Product Fit: Star Stax is offered in the Crystal Curve cabinet and adds to an existing group of IGT games that are providing the market with some product differentiation for the gaming floor. Performance results are consistent and strong for other Crystal Curve games such as Wild Fury and Fortune Fury and Star Stax will work well banked up with these games.

Along with Star Stax and the Fury games, the Fortune Gong Link, (soon to be available as SAP), is achieving strong market performance results for all 3 games: Phoenix Rising, Guardians Treasure and Dragon Dynasty. Consistent performance from IGTs games adds further opportunities to expand the IGT floor share.

To download information on current game performance and features ready for your board pack for Fortune Gong Link click here >>fortune-gong-performance

SAP Profile: A choice of jackpots will suit all venues and players with $3000, $5000 or $7000 jackpot options. Club managers can choose the level of exposure they can afford and offer a good jackpot for their players.

Performance: Star Stax strong performance has proved that the players are looking for a different style of game: one that provides them with the opportunity for good wins and is entertaining at the same time.  With a current Maxgaming Denom Turnover Ratio of 2.35 Star Stax is out-competing the, now common, hold n spin style games across the NSW Club market.

To download information on current game performance and features ready for your board pack for Star Stax click here >>star-stax-performancestar-stax-performance

Delivery: This game is proving to be exceptionally popular with many club managers ordering it at the recent AGE Show. IGT advises that clubs will need to pre-order now for delivery prior to end September due to high demand and limited stock