Originally released back in July, the first two Konami games in their ‘All Aboard’ SAP game range, ‘Dancing Dragons’ and ‘Dynamite Dollars’, have maintained consistently high popularity among players. Extremely strong game performance, and a new game due out around Christmas, ‘Piggy Pays’, adds weight to the list of reasons to purchase these games. The appealing feature play holds the regular players’ attention, and the bigger betting punters ability to increase their RTP% adds even more volatility to an interesting game. The largest clubs are dealing with the competitive market by ensuring they have kept up to date with the all latest games, proving that variety is the key to success. This Konami game provides that game variety and adds some fun back into the game for players with frequent repeat wins in the feature. Reinvestment by those players is ensuring a good net hold for the club.


Denomination: A multi-denom game with a range of bet options (1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c) gives all players the ability to choose their play level based on their budget, and at the same time allows the bigger regular players the opportunity to speed up their game cycle by increasing their bets. For these players, increasing their bets unlocks a higher RTP% above the standard 90-92%…a fantastic advantage for those players and one that the game performance data suggests is extremely popular.

Game Features: The popularity of hold ’n spin style features are most prominent in NSW with an estimated market installation of this game type of over 25% currently.  Konami, in the ‘All Aboard’ games, has made the most of this high player recognition as a feature base but built in extra player anticipation and excitement with repeat wins. Six gold trains trigger the feature and reveal a range of credits or bonus prizes which can be won multiple times when players achieve additional train symbols. The best result for the player during the feature is to only get one additional train each spin so that their bonuses get paid over and over again and they keep resetting the 3 X free games.

SAP Profile: Grand Jackpots are available on these games at $4,150 or $7,125 so each club can choose the liability that suits them best, and still offer a solid jackpot value for their players to chase.

Volatility:  The multiple potential pays of the same bonuses many times in the feature adds considerable volatility for the regular player. The bigger players, who choose to increase their bets, can unlock a higher RTP% to give them an advantage and add to the game volatility.  The 9-10% return that this game is achieving suggests the players are reinvesting their game wins for additional play time.

Floor Position:  This game includes lots of frequent repeat wins for players during the feature with sounds that will become recognizable to them quickly. Banking the games up will create excitement and an element of fun back into the gaming floor and you will want these games in a prominent and noticeable high traffic area popular with small and medium regular players.  With bigger players able to unlock higher RTP% by betting up the data from many clubs is proving that the outdoor gaming area is also a strong option for these games.

Performance: As these games were initially introduced to the market in July there is plenty of data to prove their consistency over the last 4 months. There are 251 of these first two games in the market in the Maxgaming data alone and when you add in the non-max venues the numbers are considerable, and that doesn’t happen unless the games are performing and the gaming managers are talking about them. Managers only buy on strong performance results in such a tight and competitive market, and even after 4 months Maxgaming data for October is showing a Denom Turnover Ratio above 1.4 for ‘Dynamite Dollars’ and 1.2 for ‘Dancing Dragons’ with a hold percentage at 9-10%. The new game, ‘All Aboard-Piggy Pays’, is due for release soon and additional ‘All Aboard’ games are already in the game development pipeline for 2019.


To see the games main features check out this video with Konami’s National Sales Manager David Punter below.















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