The first All Aboard game, Dynamite Dollars was released back in July 2018, followed just after by Dancing Dragons. The third game Piggy Pays hit the market before Christmas.  After 6-7 months in the market already the popularity of these games remains strong and in February 2019 they are still high up on the rankings in the clubs that have them and among the top 50 games in Maxgaming’s ranking charts.

With over 1000 of the All Aboard games in NSW Clubs already, the two new games Go West and Shinobi add an opportunity for clubs to extend the numbers of these games just when most clubs are looking for some strong game alternatives to offer greater game variety for players.

Not content with just adding art clones to their existing games now Konami has added a new free games feature to the hold n spin base in these new games, while retaining the very popular repeated win. A consistent retained percentage on the earlier All Aboard games already in the market suggest that the players are reinvesting these additional wins.

Konami: “Go West” and “Shinobi”


A multidenom game with a range of bet options (1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c) gives players the ability to choose their play level based on their budget. A feature of the All Aboard games is that the bigger regular players have the opportunity to speed up their game cycle by increasing their bets. For these players, increasing their bets unlocks a higher RTP% above the standard 90-92%…a fantastic advantage for those players and one that the game performance data suggests is extremely popular.

Game Features:

There is no doubt that hold and spin style games, that are now at over 26% of the total NSW club machine installation, are the most popular game style for regular players. Konami has used the customer recognition of the hold ’n spin style feature as a base, and then added extra prizes and bonus pays for the players.  Six gold trains trigger the feature and reveal a range of credits or bonus prizes but with each additional train symbol in the feature game the bonus win pays are repeated. The additional train symbols also reset the free game count back to one so the best result for a player is to get only one additional train each set of spins repeating the original bonus pay over and over again

A fresh tweak to the free games feature has been added to these new games. A new symbol has been introduced which can reveal itself as either a Wild symbol or the All Aboard train symbol so the player can only get rewarded with either one of the two most valuable games symbols when this new symbol is triggered.

SAP Profile:

Grand Jackpots are available on these games at $4,150 or $7,125 so each club can choose the liability that suits them best, and still offer a solid jackpot value for their players to chase.


By increasing their original bet bigger players are able to unlock higher return to player percentages above the 90-92% return on the standard game. This adds considerable volatility for those regular players. Even for smaller players the additional and repeating win bonuses in the feature ensure that the game remains volatile and interesting for them, anticipating extra train symbols to reset the free spins for greater wins during the feature

Floor Position:

With the hold n spin feature and the addition of recognizable sounds, banking these games will add to the player’s enjoyment. The short feature hit rate will see lots of “All Aboard” sounds frequently triggering features on the bank and build considerable excitement for players. Regular players are looking for some increased fun when they play now and having these games in a high traffic area where these regular players are comfortable sitting with constantly triggering features will make these games more noticeable and very popular.


The early games in the All Aboard range were introduced over 6-7 months ago and are still ranking among the TOP 50 NSW Club games in the Maxgaming charts. There are over 1000 of these games across NSW now and yet their performance levels are still very strong. The latest Maxgaming data for February 2019 is showing a Denom Turnover Ratio of 1.2 for ‘Dynamite Dollars’ and 1.0 for ‘Dancing Dragons’ and 1.2 for Piggy Pays. The two new games Go West and Shinobi are due to be released in March 2019 but with an additional free game feature and increasing numbers of the games in clubs, their performance should exceed the original games.

Visit the Konami stand at AHG Expo in Brisbane (27-28 March) to play and experience the new games

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