Whether or not you’re a gin drinker, you should be proud of our very own Aussie NSW gin distillery, the Farmer’s Wife, that topped the silver medal category at the London Spirits Competition: a very prestigious acknowledgement.

The Farmer’s Wife is a distillery of third generation farmers run by Kylie Seposout of her family farm in Allworth, 60 kilometres north of Newcastle.

“The concept of the Farmers Wife Distillery was formed sharing a fine gin with friends,” Kylie says on their website,

“I knew it had to incorporate all of my passions: I wanted to create something that encompassed my love for growing food and gardening, my love of family, friends and community and the idea of mastering different flavours to produce something unique and special.”

While Kylie has only been distilling gin for less than a year, her approach to crafting the spirit is unique, and has set her apart from the crowd.

Farmer’s Wife uses botanicals, as most gins do, traditionally featuring Juniper at the forefront of their taste profile.

However, Kylie’s gin uses predominantly natives, which are not necessarily used in the traditional gins that can be sampled across Australia, or the globe.

Kylie also uses the honey from native ‘stingless’ bees, which is sweeter than traditional European honey, and lends a far more intense flavour to the botanicals in the gin.

“To top the silver medal category alongside some amazing distilleries I have always looked up to, to receive the award alongside those people, was a dream come true,” Kylie said to ABC News of topping the silver medal category of the London Spirits Competition.