The Drop is unique in the industry in providing up to date market news, knowledge and networking opportunities delivered differently, through a flexible and dynamic online digital platform. Most leading decision makers in the club hotel and casino industry across Australia, and a growing contingent from around the world, are receiving the weekly email news and accessing the website on a regular basis. From a start-up business 5 years ago, The Drop now has a readership of over 36,000 and 8,500 industry decision-makers as subscribers.

The rapid increase reflects the significant change in the way most Aussies now prefer to access media with a recent Morgan Stanley Research publication (2017) confirming the speed of the change. Australians have always been quick to move to new technology and platforms but the ability to read online content from smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops allows for greater flexibility and mobility than traditional magazines and newspapers. The Drop fits that need perfectly, delivered into the inbox of executive club, hotel and casino decisionmakers across Australia and growing internationally.

Part of the appeal of The Drop is the editorial policy of ensuring articles are not “sales” but “knowledge” based content, which is a much more interesting read!

According to The Drop Editor, Justine Channing, “Every supplier in the industry is an expert in their field even though they often don’t realise the depth of their knowledge. As a club manager, I can see the value in industry suppliers sharing their insights through articles that assist managers in making product decisions appropriate to their business size, needs and customer types, and that they can use in a practical way. It’s more than just the tech specs of equipment I buy, I also want to know how it will benefit my customers or assist staff in improving business outcomes”

Judy Rayner is the Sales Representative for The Drop. A familiar face in the Gaming and Hospitality Industry for over 36 years, Judy Rayner and her team at Rayner Sales & Marketing are known to many suppliers and industry executives through her long-term connection with Australasia’s leading industry trade expo, the Australasian Gaming Expo (AGE 2020).

“Our industry has always been a two-way communication pipeline between industry suppliers and club, hotel and casino executives. Partnerships are an important focus of business relationships in our industry and The Drop provides a wider market for shared knowledge and experience with flexible access to decision-makers in a rapidly changing business environment” says Judy Rayner.

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