Today’s consumers have become increasingly adept at tuning out traditional marketing messages. They fast forward through commercials, pay for premium ad-free streaming services, and turn a blind eye to the branded calls to action plastered on every outdoor surface. However, that’s not to say that marketing is dead. It just requires imaginative new approaches to cutting through the noise, reaching the right audience, and presenting your message in a way that’s welcomed. The old ideas about message insertion, reach, and frequency are being replaced by innovative new approaches that aim for brand persistence and authentic integration.

Enter playAWARDS, a unique marketing platform that showcases brands inside a collection of top-ranked, casual mobile apps, including myVEGAS Slots, myVEGAS Bingo, myKONAMI Slots, POP! Slots, myVEGAS Blackjack, MGM Slots Live, and soon, Tetris®. Through the playAWARDS platform, brands are given a fun and engaging way to connect with a valuable, global audience. Just consider the world-class hospitality brands that have already joined the playAWARDS family: MGM Resorts International, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and IHG Hotels and Resorts, to name a few.  playAWARDS has also formed successful partnerships in Australia with several NSW Leagues and RSL Clubs, Melbourne River Cruises, Escape Hunt, and Virtual Rooms to name a few, and we are continuing to add to this list.

How playAWARDS Works

Each time players engage with a participating mobile app, they earn in-game loyalty points, which they can exchange for a collection of loyalty benefits, including discounted and complimentary hotel stays, BOGO deals on dining and drinks, concert and show tickets, and more. These benefits are provided by the playAWARDS Partners in exchange for promotional consideration, which includes featuring within the participating mobile apps as well as their respective social media, email marketing, and push notifications campaigns, in-person events, and personalised outreach from playAWARDS concierge hosts.

What Does It Cost to Be a Partner?

Participation in the playAWARDS program is a true partnership—an exchange of value that fuels a virtuous cycle of digital-to-real-world engagement. playAWARDS provides Partners with access to prospective customers, via the participating mobile apps. Partners provide the loyalty benefits to the mobile apps, which they then deliver to their player as loyalty benefits. The players consume these benefits and become customers of the Partners.

There are no marketing costs, revenue, or commission involved in being a playAWARDS Partner. PLAYSTUDIOS covers all expenses related to the design, development, implementation, operation, and marketing of the Partner and their Rewards within the portfolio of apps. Further, any additional revenue that Partners receive from a referred player—whether that player is purchasing more of a brand’s products online or visiting the brand in person— belongs wholly to the Partner.

What Kind of Rewards Can Partners Offer?

playAWARDS Partners offer loyalty Rewards that typically include complimentary or discounted rooms, food and beverage credits, and entertainment discounts. Partners have full control over the Rewards they choose to offer, as well as the terms and conditions associated with those Rewards. For example, they may be available for use only during off-peak or low occupancy seasons, or they may require players to sign up for a Partner’s own loyalty program which has shown to be a successful user acquisition driver.

How Do Partners Know If It’s Working?

The playAWARDS platform was built to help brands better understand and connect with their customers. In addition to a dedicated PLAYSTUDIOS customer support team, the playAWARDS platform provides each Partner with unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour, along with useful data to support the conversion of players into loyal brand patrons.

Why It’s Time to Join playAWARDS

Travel and leisure activities are picking up again in Australia, and around the world. As more people set their sights on destination cities and local entertainment options outside of the home, they are eager to take advantage of the kind of complimentary and discounted experiences offered by playAWARDS Partners. For those brands looking to connect with millions of potential consumers, there is no better place to start than with the playAWARDS loyalty platform!

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