A lot of clubs and pubs struggle with providing engaging content for their social media sites. And trust me, reproducing posters of your current promotion, raffle, Friday soloist or some pretty ordinary cocktail photos are not going to be engaging.

Without engagement, your content won’t spread, but without content, there is nothing to spread.


Asking people to like something works, asking a question to get comments works and using a photo to get more shares also works.

But, if the content isn’t worth liking, commenting or sharing then no matter what you do, you won’t get that engagement.


Engagement is the key but content is still the king.

This is even more important since Facebook introduced their new algorithm that gives more weight to newsworthy content, less weight to “clickbait” and measures what people are engaging with.

Pushing out tons of posts won’t help. It is all about the content. And the post promoting that piece of content.


  1. Maintain regular posts but don’t flood news feeds (by the way, posting something once a month or so, is not regular!) If you have a social media site, it’s like a hungry beast and needs regular but not over feeding.
  2. Keep your best content for later in the day. There are far more people on Facebook in the evening (between 5pm and 9pm) than during the day.  If you post at the wrong time, it can get lost in your target audience’s feed. You’re not the only one posting, so try not to get lost in the crowd. Reach your audience when they are using the channel.
  3. Focus on writing the best post possible.  Please do not use headings like What’s On at XYZ Club…that is not engaging. Invest some time and effort into good copy and employ a specialist if you need to. You want to give away enough information that people will engage with the post but not too much that they won’t click and YOU DO NOT WANT TO CLICKBAIT.  If you’re not sure what clickbait is, the link will explain. However, as an industry, we don’t tend to produce sensationalised clickbait – but we sure produce a lot of snooze-worthy titles and copy instead.
  4. Short sharp posts are the best – one to two sentences will do. You don’t necessarily need to try and tell the whole story in a single post, just pick the key point of the story, the best quote or the conversation that this story creates. And remember, people always want solutions to their problems. This makes great content.
  5. Don’t forget to ask questions to create a conversation.