New UK research, “Understanding Consumer Journeys: The Path to Play” focuses on building an understanding of what the typical consumer journey looks like, from the beginning of a gambling interaction to the end. Their intention is to explore this journey specifically from the gambler’s perspective. This will allow a better understanding of how consumers experience gambling, what factors influence them, where there may be greater risks for some gamblers, and to identify opportunities for intervention.

Within this body of research one chapter looks at key influences that encourage more gambling at each stage of the journey.

Biggest influences encouraging (more) gambling at each stage

Passive influences

Winning experiences (either winning themselves or hearing about others winning) has the biggest influence. Operator advertising and sponsorship are factors that are very widely noticed, but not thought to have much impact on behaviour or attitudes – they’re considered ‘background noise’.


Impact Scores (calculated by Prevalence x Encouragement) of Passive Influence factors

Question details: P11a: How often do you… P11b: And to what extent do you think each of these have influenced whether / how much you gamble?

External triggers

Catching the eye, special offers and direct communications (emails/text/app notifications) were most commonly cited. Unusually good odds or prizes are also particularly influential when they occur, but these are less common.

Gambler quote: “I saw an ad on social media for a Valentines day draw and I couldn’t help but get involved, I feel like I’m missing out if not a part of it and it will play on my mind “

Gambler quote: “I’m a sucker for a promotion or ad, it does draw me in to play. I’m also a fan of the ‘spend a certain amount get a certain amount free’ deals- who doesn’t like free money!”

 Internal impulses

The desire to win a small amount of money and having fun were the two factors that were the greatest motivators on respondents’ most recent activity.

Internal impulses: why they took part in most recent activity

Question details: INT1: Which of these describe why you…?

Active search

The respondents’ familiarity and previous experience with the operator and/or type of game or bet were the most common reasons given for why they chose to gamble in that particular way at that time.

Gambler quote: “I tried out an instant win game that reminded me of Candy Crush – I’m definitely going to play this game again as I liked the game, but also as I have positive sentiment towards it now I’ve won on it once!”

Play experience

Influences on the duration and activities involved in a play experience were most commonly reported as having fun, winning, and seeing special offers.

Play experience Impact (Prevalence x Encouragement) Factors

Question details: PS3a. And still thinking about the last time you ‘gambling on this activity’, which of these, if any, did you see or experience at any point while you were playing/betting? PS6. And to what extent do you think each of these influenced whether you continued to play/bet? Base: all respondents (937). 

Play outcome

Play outcome is more about reflection and next steps rather than influencing further behaviour. Winning or losing may inform behaviour as it will form part of their passive influences before the next journey.

Gambler quote: “I last won 2 weeks ago online playing bingo, I won £50, I felt overjoyed and happy. I used the money to get my hair done as a lovely, rare treat. It made me want to gamble more”.


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