Each week on Wednesday morning, as you grab your coffee and prepare for your day, The Drop sends out a weekly newsletter to casino, club and hotel managers and industry suppliers across Australia, (and some internationally), with lots of knowledge-based articles, news and important information relevant to our industry.

Lockdowns across many states in Australia and around the world have seen managers from casinos, clubs and pubs across the country change employer, change roles within venues or promoted into new jobs, and different departments.

During lockdowns The Drop has been working on some changes to our website and newsletter that will be unveiled soon, and we are keen for everyone to be included.

To update your team details with The Drop so that all your managers have access to the weekly articles, send us your team information including full name, job title/role, company email address, and company name to

We will make sure your information is updated before we launch the new website and weekly newsletter


The Drop team