The Australasian Hospitality and Gaming (AHG) Expo returns to the Brisbane Convention Centre on March 18 and 19. The AHG Expo brings industry-leading ideas and technology together in one location and is an opportunity to view new products, services, and innovations from across the hospitality and gaming industry.

In particular, the gaming sector has recently become increasingly interested in new technologies that focus on driving efficiencies and automating labour-intensive tasks. This allows venues to focus on customer service, which is vital in generating a loyal customer base in a highly competitive environment.

As a leading hospitality and gaming solutions provider around Australia and New Zealand, Next Payments will be showcasing a suite of products at the AHG Expo, including Australia’s leading Cash Recycler, Cash Redemption Terminals, and newly launched reconciliation software: Concilio.

Next Payment’s intelligent reconciliation software, Concilio, presents all your operational and financial data on a management dashboard – say goodbye to excel spreadsheets and manual data entry. Concilio streamlines data from your venue’s ATM, Cash Recycler, CRT, POS, gaming machines and more. It will change the way your venue reconciles and is conveniently cloud-based.

These products are employed in leading clubs, pubs and casinos across Australia and New Zealand, where they are delivering tangible benefits, efficiencies, and savings.

Don’t miss your opportunity to view these products firsthand at the AHG – stand #6 – where a Next Sales Professional can consult with you to provide tailored solutions to your gaming and hospitality needs.

Book your consultation with a Next Payments sales professional at this year’s AHG Expo now.

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