Really, there’s no disputing it, there’s just something about drinking beer on tap that makes it taste so much better. Everyone’s got a different opinion of why – “It’s because it’s colder”, “It’s just a placebo” or “I dunno, it’s just better”. Baron’s, the beer dispensing system specialists in WA, say that it’s due to a variety of reasons. Here’s why beer tastes so much better on tap.

It’s The Aroma

Did you know that 70-75% of what we perceive as taste actually comes from our sense of smell? When you consider this, it becomes pretty obvious why drinking your brew from a glass produces a much more vivid, full flavour. When you drink a beer from a glass, you’re able to experience its aroma with every sip. Soaking up the smell along with the taste allows us to experience the beer in a way that can’t be replicated sipping from a bottle.

Mouthfeel and Texture

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but there’s something about the texture of a draught pour that is different (and better) than that of a bottled brew. Well, a draught beer’s heavenly texture is actually owed to the modern draught system’s customisable temperature and pressure settings.

Modern draught set-ups make pressure and temperature customisation a breeze, which results in a noticeable textural difference. When consuming a draught pour, you’re experiencing a completely different mouthfeel because your beer has a different level of carbonation to that of a bottled beer. When the draught beer’s keg is connected to the draught system, there’s constant pressure being applied to beer, giving it that perfect texture that we all know and love.

Light Exposure

Have you ever wondered why beer bottles are made in dark shades and are barely ever clear? The reason behind it is simple, it’s all due to light. It’s been found that light exposure spoils beer.

When hops are boiled, they produce iso-alpha acids, which are easily broken down by light. Sunlight exposure causes these acids to form compounds that link with sulphur containing proteins, which creates the chemical that gives beer a skunky smell and an off flavour. Luckily, beer poured from the tap is stored in a keg, safe and sound from light exposure. Beer kept in a keg is never at risk of being exposed to light, which means you can sip your draught brew with the peace of mind that it hasn’t been spoiled by light.

Beer Freshness

Draught beer is loved across the nation and is the go-to choice for people visiting bars and restaurants. When you consider the product turnover at bars, pubs and restaurants, beer on tap sells a lot quicker than the bottles sitting in the fridge. Beer freshness has an immense impact on the brew’s flavour, which is why the beer poured from a keg is likely to be fresher (and tastier) than what you’d sip from the bottle. Freshness is always important, but absolutely crucial when you love a hoppy brew, like a pale ale or an IPA. This is because hoppier beers degrade in flavour over time, so the fresher the beer – the better the taste.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so we’ve certainly been singing draught beer’s praises – but it’s crucial to remember that beer on tap will only taste good if your dispensing system is properly maintained. To ensure brews are poured at their best, regular maintenance and care must be given to your draught system.

So, there it is. That’s why beer on tap is undoubtedly, undisputedly and undeniably so much tastier than beer from a bottle.


Source: www.baronsbeverageservices.com.au/why-does-beer-taste-better-on-tap/