Cash Redemption Terminals on the gaming floor improve security and add efficiencies, which is precisely why they are used in leading casinos and clubs both internationally and here in Australia. Automating winnings pay-outs frees up staff to focus on customer service and allows patrons to seamlessly collect their cash.

Technological advancements have seen some suppliers add premium features to their Cash Redemption Terminals (CRTs) that differentiate them from competition. Next Payments’ CRTs are technologically advanced and feature many extra functions including a self-aligning ticket and note acceptor that eliminates jams and remote monitoring software, ART, that monitors and reconciles CRTs.

Next Payments CRTs also have a custom fascia design option so you can theme the unit to suit your venue. SkyCity Auckland, Christchurch Casino, Caulfield Racecourse and many more venues have taken advantage of this option and the results are fantastic.

Premium service supports Next Payments’ CRTs, with a 24/7 Australian based help desk with fully trained technicians ensuring you can resolve matters any time day or night.

“Next Payments’ support team respond quickly when we have questions on the CRTs – their support is second to none.” Milan Smolar, Cage and Customer Services Manager, Christchurch Casino.

Read the full Christchurch Casino case study here.

Order your Next Payments CRT before the Christmas rush and enjoy the efficiencies. Find out more at nextpayments.com.au or call 1300 659 918 now.

Note: Not all CRT features available in all jurisdictions. Speak to a Next Payments Sales Professional to find out more.