For venues handling large cash volumes, spending hours manually counting, sorting, and storing cash, then entering data into multiple spreadsheets is a significant pain point.

Many venues are overcoming this by automating this process and adding efficiency and security with cash recyclers and reconciliation software that integrates and reports on variances across ATMs, EGMs, CRTs, POS systems and more.

Venues are also finding that by investing in cash recyclers and reconciliation software, they are realising a return on investment that outweighs the cost of the equipment.

If you’re ready to improve your cash management and reconciliation, speak to Next Payments today. Their cash recycler streamlines the cash handling process by sorting, counting, and storing notes and coins in a reliable, high capacity and easy to use unit. The unit has improved staff productivity and increased operational efficiency, saving many leading gaming venues thousands of dollars per month in staff costs, CIT collections, insurance of cash and shrinkage.

What are venues saying:

Geebung RSL

‘The installation was smooth and Next Payments offered comprehensive staff training. The Cash Recycler has dramatically reduced time staff spends counting cash, and duty managers can focus on customer service with no double handing cash.’

Kerry Mason | General Manager

The Cash Recycler Savings Estimator*

Concilio reconciliation software integrates to your cash recycler to easily reconcile and identify variances in real time.

Next Payments’ Concilio software makes reconciliation and variance identification easy as it validates your cash clearances with data from your Cash Recycler, POS, gaming machines, CRTs, ATMs and more. With your venue’s critical operational and financial data visible on the management dashboard, you can easily forecast and plan timely replenishments. Plus, you can see terminal status in real time, including cash levels, faults and more.

What are venues saying:

Roulettes Tavern

‘Concilio consolidates an abundance of critical information into one platform which simplifies reporting and cash management across the venue. The software is easy to use and saves countless hours of manual reconciliation.’

Jayme Wood | Operations Manager


The software is modular, so you only pay for what you need, and is available now.

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*Savings indicated are an estimate only and not guaranteed. Talk to your Sales Professional or contact us to learn about your specific situation.