What’s the first thing you notice when you walk into a room?

Is it the décor? Is it the smell? Is it the mood or the atmosphere?

The choices you make when deciding how a gaming room will look can have an impact on the emotions and perceptions of your guests. A particular colour might invite a specific mood, the lighting will set the tone of the area, and a certain style or make of chair can have a huge impact on the comfort of your patrons.

In fact, your gaming chairs could be THE most important piece of furniture on your gaming floor.

They need to be designed right and they need to fit the game properly in terms of height and access to the button panel. And, more importantly, they need be so comfortable that the chair doesn’t give patrons any reason to get up and leave the game.

It seems fundamental, but the issue comes up time and time again in focus groups – one of the main complaints about a venues gaming floor in Australia concerns the venue’s chairs – too high, too hard, no foot rest, too heavy to move, uncomfortable – and the list goes on. Especially when you talk to female gamers.

It seems that most chairs are designed to fill a space. However, Gasser Chairs say theirs have been designed to elevate it. For almost 70 years, the Gasser Chair Company has been designing, building and perfecting the art of commercial seating, using only the highest quality materials.

Mark German is the Gasser Sales Agent for Australia and New Zealand and has provided many venues with high quality, stylish and dependable gaming chairs.

He says one of the biggest mistakes venues make with their choice of chairs and décor is going for a cheap option, rather than quality and comfort.

“First and foremost, a gaming chair must be the right height for the gaming machines. They must be comfortable and easy for people to move if they need to. Colour is also very important; the fabric, materials and design must suit the overall décor of the club”.

Gasser Chairs has a huge array of chairs, be it for gaming or hospitality in their range, but Mark says there is one design that has been very popular among its gaming chairs.

“Our Players Choice Series has definitely been the most popular gaming chair in Australia. They are available with a 4-leg solid aluminium frame and they’re fitted with mega glides, which make them very easy to move on carpet, timber floors and tiles. They look great with almost any décor and they’re extremely comfortable”.

There is also the option to have them with the Gasser patented Halo base with seat height adjustment if required.

Gasser Chairs has a showroom inside Bankstown Sports Club. For more information, contact Mark German on 0418 282 091 or or visit