Need to quickly identify infected workers who may be putting other co-workers at risk? Contact Tracing feature now available. 

Minimising the shutdown of essential workplaces whilst keeping employees safe is daunting and not without its challenges. Element Security, a leading integrator of automated identity and temperature checking solutions, now has the ability to offer contact tracing through the use of our Facial Recognition / Thermal Detection Software – a feature that empowers management to identify workers who may have come into contact with other potentially infected workers.

Data can be easily searched by time, individual, camera location and interactions with others. This information then enables you to make better-informed decisions that support keeping your workplaces open and your workers safe.

By way of example, a venue can select an “identity” (such as a staff member), and a time range to see what cameras that staff member’s “identity” was seen on, who that “identity” was seen with and other identities who had visited that same location at around the same time. The venue can then alert staff who may be at risk from contact with a confirmed case, and subsequently are able to take the necessary steps to prevent the further spread of a virus.

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