At the recent Australasian Gaming Expo, the team from Exact Technologies spoke with many people about Facial Recognition Technology … and the message was loud and clear.

“Basically, everyone told us they were keen to use facial recognition and could see the benefit”, says Steve Van Zwieten of Exact Technologies. “But the majority also said they were very concerned about the potential of publicity stemming from privacy concerns.”

The key points heard by the Exact team were:

  1. You are very interested in Facial Recognition as a solution to the problem of entry to your venue by members/visitors who have banned or who have self-excluded.
  2. You are very cautious about deploying Facial Recognition because there are no clear regulations around the data protection and privacy implications.
  3. You do not want to face the same grilling and negative publicity received by Bunnings for their deployment of the technology … but, if that happened, you would like to be able demonstrate your use of the technology is not only reasonable but essential.

These are clearly very important issues to address.

Satisfying Point 1 above is pretty simple – it is very easy to offer you a Facial Recognition system – there are many floating around. Though, you should always be checking on the accuracy of the system – false positive identifications can cause problems ranging from embarrassing to very serious.

At Exact Technologies there is a strong belief that they need to provide you with the help, support and guidance to address Points 2 & 3. These issues are about Privacy, Data Protection and Human Rights – and, in other parts of the world, they are of paramount importance when it comes to deploying biometric solutions like facial recognition.

Exact’s Facial Recognition system has proven its performance superiority – especially with significantly lower ratios of false positives.

Because they have the technology right, Exact Technologies has been able to focus on addressing the issues of Privacy, Data Protection & Human Rights and what they mean in the NSW Club industry.

Right now, Exact Technologies is developing comprehensive information to address these issues.

This material is being developed following their consultation with the world’s leading subject matter expert on these issues – Mr Tony Porter OBE, QPM, LLB. Tony is now the Chief Privacy Officer of Exact’s partners Corsight AI. He was former Commissioner of Surveillance for England and Wales, and he wrote the 11 Principles of Europe’s General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR).

Already they can talk you through the correct process to deploy and they are in the process of preparing material to help you develop the protocols to suit your club.

Effectively, Exact’s responses to the issues raised at AGE 22 will give you greater chance of making the right decision about Facial Recognition.  By consulting with Exact you will:

  • Be given the information you need to make a rational and informed decision about the suitability of Facial Recognition for your club and,
  • And, if you decide to go ahead, will give the support to create strong documentation and protocols covering the impact of facial recognition on your data protection and privacy policies and procedures.

As Steve Van Zwieten says, “Exact Technologies has been partners to many operators in the club and gaming sector for many years This industry is our past, our present and our future. So, we have to give our clients the most comprehensive support we can. These issues around biometric technologies are important to all of us, and we want to help address them.”

Facial recognition in clubs can be used as a force for good and there is substantial public interest in doing so. With Exact, this technology can be deployed ensuring the rights of all humans are protected.


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