With lots of competition, club and hotel restaurants are having to work harder to get people into the venue. Important in proactively managing this change are on-trend food offerings and creatively designed restaurant spaces.  Both are now a vital element of the dining experience for customers and the dinner table is one of the most accessible places to engage members and keep them satisfied. Design trends for both food and restaurant décor come and go quickly, but the way your restaurant looks, how colours affect the mood of the customers and the style of your dining space as well as menu design, and food presentation is vital in bringing foot traffic to this and other areas of your club.

To assist managers to stay ahead of these trends CCM Travel has put together an industry specific tour that features the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas, and the National Restaurant and Bar Show in Chicago.

The CCM HDExpo and NRA Show Tour includes three days in Las Vegas at the industry’s leading conference, the Hospitality Design Expo. The Expo showcases new products and services, as well as inspiration and idea sharing with networking for hospitality professionals on the expo floor and at the informative conference sessions.

The following four days are spent in Chicago, well-known as the gourmet dining epicenter of the USA. While in Chicago, the tour includes three days at the National Restaurant Association & Bar Show, where there are culinary showcases throughout the day, such as Foodamental Studios and Summits that are well worth seeing. Day six includes a tour of the famous Goose Island Brewery, one of the most successful craft breweries which produces some of the most popular award-winning beers in the USA.

For a list of the top 10 restaurants to visit while in Chicago, (you may need to book ahead), including Alinea, recently crowned the world’s best restaurant by Elite Traveler:

According to industry specialists* there are several new trends emerging internationally in food and restaurant design in 2019:

  1. Open kitchen designs – transparency in food prep is important but customers want to see, and smell the food when they enter the restaurant
  2. Is your restaurant “instagrammable”? – for clubs this means a unique and photogenic environment, mixing whimsical details and unexpected contrasts
  3. Communal spaces – consumers in some areas are moving away from take-away and are looking for social atmosphere. With more people in city-centres living in units, shared spaces for engagement.
  4. Boho-inspired patterns and rich bold colours are making a comeback. In particular, bold reds and blue-greens are becoming increasingly present, with many schemes using multiple contrasting bold shades. Material selection and lighting is particularly vital to this trend to maintain a sense of luxury
  5. Organic shapes as a reaction to geometric design space of recent years.
  6. A move to family-centric culture and casual space (rather just than family-friendly)
  7. Technology that provides more information about their food and drink – Diners are more conscious about healthy eating and high-quality ingredients and want to know their history

If you aren’t across any of these trends yet, or your club/ hotel is looking towards a design refresh of your restaurant and food service facilities in the coming year or two, then this CCM Tour package will give you tonnes of inspiration:

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