Award-winning Victorian hotel group Zagames have just launched a reloadable eftpos card system as part of their RewardZ members program.  Whilst the system, developed by Danielle Rayners’ GSL Solutions has been in use in NSW Clubs for some years, this is the first time it has been seen in Victoria, and is the first time it has been used by a hotel group.

The GSL (Gobsmacked Loyalty) system, which interfaces with all points based gaming systems in Australia, allows patrons to convert points earned in venues through F&B purchases and gaming to be transferred to a reloadable prepaid card, which members then spend as they would cash (in compliance with both NSW & Victorian legislative requirements.

Jackie Booth COO Zagame Corporation said that they saw the GSL system as an added benefit to their strong membership offering. The aim is to increase member loyalty and visitation to their five venues, along with adding increased value to points earned at their venues in comparison to any close by competitors.

She also said it also gives the member the ability to make decisions on how they would like to use their points.

“We consciously made the decision to roll out this program with our higher tiered players in mind. It gives them the choice to do whatever they would like to do with the points they have earned. If they want to use them for paying bills or getting a fresh new haircut – go for it. Members are tired of being dictated to by venues. GSL gives the power back to our valued members. It’s time for them to choose how to spend their points,” Booth said.

Ms Booth went on to say that the GSL program is compliant with banking requirements and legislation with a simple language that their staff could understand. “This allows our frontline staff to communicate easily with our members giving them the confidence to join us as a RewardZ Member.”

“We are a passionate group who like to partner with like-minded people and anyone that has met Danielle will agree with me – she has passion for her business. It is this energy that makes this joint program so successful. We thrive on passion to succeed.”

And succeed they did. In the first ten days of the Zagames program launch, just under $48,000 worth of points value was transferred to the GSL cards.

Zagames operate five hotels across Victoria in Ballarat, Berwick, Boronia, Caulfield and Reservoir. The group has 490 poker machines and a membership base of over 52,000.

In the past 12 months, they have won the National AHA Award for Best Gaming Venue Metropolitan (Boronia) as well as Overall Hotel of the Year (Berwick). They have also won Best Hotel Group Operation, Best Keno Venue Metropolitan (Boronia) and Best Sports Bar Metropolitan (Berwick).

Ms Booth said that Zagames strive to be the best in the industry and beyond. “We know that you cannot afford to rest on your laurels and are constantly trying new ways to keep us as the leaders of the pack.”

“But Zagame’s would be nothing without our outstanding people. From the frontline staff to Victor Zagame himself, we are one family waking up every morning without fail prepared to deliver 110% to being bigger and better than we were yesterday. Our motto is – Fired Up & Ready to Go!”

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