More than just a card. What customers really want from Digital Membership.

People have embraced Digital Membership Cards and it is not hard to understand why. They offer convenience and ease of use, especially when housed within a customer’s mobile wallet. They also take away a lot of barriers to entry for new members through instant sign up and easy access.

In Australia today, mobile wallet use is twice as frequent as cash, with over 80% of people using a mobile wallet on a regular basis. In fact, mobile wallet use is growing at such a rate that in less than two years, the Global Repayments Report predicts that cash will account for only 2% of all transactions. Not only are we heading towards a cashless society, but also a cardless society. It is obviously the way our customers want to conduct business, and as an industry, we need to respond.

Apart from holding credit and debit cards, just like any other wallet, your mobile wallet also holds other important transaction cards in a digital format, like Membership and Loyalty Cards, Digital Coupons, Gift Cards and so on. It also holds things like your digital Opal Card, Medibank and Flybys cards. A mobile wallet is an essential part of day-to-day life, and it replaces the need for your customer to carry a physical wallet. Research also shows us that 85% of wallet passes are not removed.

A mobile wallet is an app that comes preinstalled or can be downloaded on a smartphone – like ApplePay or Google Pay for example. You do not need a dedicated Club app to have a digital membership card, your mobile wallet is enough. However, if you already have a Club app, the Ebet Digital Membership card will integrate with it.

Yet, Ebet’s Digital Membership Card, known as joinit, is more than just a card. It comes with a whole lot of additional functions. It allows the display of member tiers and rewards points and can provide basic notifications like greetings and live offers. The back of the card has some cool features too with direct links to the club’s website (or websites if part of a group of clubs), as well as phone and email connections, or a link to Google maps to help you locate the venue.  Joinit can even enable third party links like restaurant reservation bookings.

Joinit makes it quick and easy for anyone to sign up as a member at any time via their mobile phone with either a QR code or near-field communications (like tap technology). And customers can get instant, on-the-spot access to take advantage of members discount immediately. If required, the card can even be greyed out for a temporary member before full membership is approved.

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