Major technological breakthroughs have led content marketing to undergo a complete transformation. The rise of conversational AI, 5G and immersive content are going to change the way content marketing works in years to come. To help brands and marketers make the most of these changes, let’s look at the top five content marketing trends for 2020.

Trend #1: Live Video Will Continue to Dominate

Digital Marketing World has predicted that by 2021, 13 percent of all internet traffic will consist of live video. And that is just one chunk of the whole video gamut. With almost every major social media platform now supporting live video streaming, it is only expected to soar in 2020.

Scott Gifis (President, AdRoll) comments, “The live-streaming industry is expected to be worth more than $70 billion by 2021. As it continues to soar in popularity, live video or podcasts is your chance to let new customers see your business in action or learn from your expertise live and direct. Facebook live is a great source for this as well as Instagram and Spotify.”

Trend #2: Content Will Be Tailored Around Long-Tail Keywords

Ok Google, what is the future of voice search in 2020?

The rise of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) — digital assistants and chatbots — has changed the search landscape. We know that by 2020, 50 percent of search queries will be voice searches.

Google’s Hummingbird update encourages conversational, semantic phrases rather than using typical keyword phrases. So, rather than searching for ‘top marketing automation software’’, one might search for ‘what are the top marketing automation solutions for SMBs?’

To cater to this changing user behaviour, brands need to alter their content strategy. They can start by using long-tail, semantic keyword phrases to create content. They will also benefit from creating long-form, FAQ themed content targeted toward the middle and top of the funnel.

Trend #3: Immersive Technologies Will Gain Prominence

5G will undergo its first commercial implementation in 2020. We can safely assume that in 2020, it will reach its highest potential and brands and marketers would deliver content compatible with 5G. One of its biggest beneficiaries is immersive technologies such as AR and VR.

While explaining how AR is a game-changer, Clifford Gross (CEO, Lucyd) cites three benefits of AR:

1. Brands will offer a deeper product experience throughout the buyer’s journey

2. AR will solve information asymmetry leading to more sales

3. Brands will reach consumers in real time, accelerating the buyer’s journey

Trend #4: Interactive Marketing Will Drive Engagement

Content marketers have two significant challenges:

1. Fight the online content clutter

2. Engage online audiences within the short attention span

To tackle them effectively, brands have been using interactive content such as contests, quizzes, polls, surveys, games, interactive videos, etc.

Nadjya Ghausi (VP of Marketing, Prezi) says, “People want interactive content, whether they’re learning about financial results or taking part in a survey. They want to be wowed by the story you have to tell and the data and visuals you have to share. Sure, the three types of storytelling — conversational, data and immersive — are only starting to emerge. But they will evolve quickly, just like people’s ability to focus squarely on content that moves them.”

Trend #5: Content Experience Will be the Face of Content Marketing

Content experience is the amalgamation of content and context plus the interface and structure of the content. Content experience matters because every piece of content conveys an experience whether good or bad.

In an interview with our Editor-in-Chief, Chitra Iyer, Randy Frisch (Co-Founder, CMO, and President of Uberflip) says, “No marketer wants to wait around passively hoping their content gets discovered or hits the right mark at the right time for the right prospect. Following the Content Experience approach helps put more control back in the hands of the marketer than the content marketing approach; while also focusing on the Brand experience rather than our own marketing objectives.”


Adapting to the changes in content marketing earlier in the game is the only way to stay ahead.

Source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/content-marketing/content-marketing-trends-2020/