Aristocrat will feature their newest game family, Diamond Age, at the AHG Expo in Brisbane today. The Diamond Age games will be available in both Link and SAP formats, and offer a classic Aristocrat Hold and Spin format with additional opportunities for players to achieve a Hold and Spin feature. While in that feature, players will have a chance to gain a “boosted” experience, where overlaid Diamond symbols may trigger larger Cash on Reel amounts for players.

These games hark back to the Aristocrat Lightning and Dragon range of games that are still so popular among regular players and remain a prominent feature at the top of every club and pub ranking report.

The key to their classic Hold and Spin success lies not just in the simplistic Hold and Spin feature style that players innately understand, but a combination of familiar game elements for players that enables Aristocrat games to work effectively for a long time.

There are three games with the Diamond Age Link, Pharaoh’s Gems, King of Asia, and Majestic Stone. The Link will be available in both QLD and NSW with jackpot startups of $10,000, $15,000 and $25,000. In the SAP versions, only Pharaoh’s Gems and King of Asia are available, with $5,000 and $8,000 startups.

Classic experience with a small difference.

As with all of Aristocrat’s popular and classic Hold and Spin games, the feature is triggered by 6 Cash on Reel symbols.  However, as they keep playing through the Hold and Spin feature, players can land small diamond symbols overlaid on the Cash on Reel symbols. When a player gains three of these small diamonds, they unlock the “Diamond Boost” mode. Once this is triggered, all the Cash on Reels landed during the rest of the feature offer “boosted” prize values.

The “Diamond Boost” feature resolves some of the annoyances with the current range of Hold and Spin games in the market, where some of the additional ‘tweaks’, designed to provide a point of difference, can mean smaller Cash on Reel amounts for the players.

In these games, Aristocrat have kept the classic Hold and Spin style, but when players trigger this new “Diamond Boost” mode in the feature they gain Cash on Reel amounts at over 10 x their bet, giving players a higher average win for the feature.

Free games

A classic three scatter symbol trigger provides a unique free game series for each game in the Diamond Age family. When triggered the player is given a choice of two different free game selections, the Diamond Age feature, or a free game series.

The Diamond Age Feature is one of the featured choices common to all games across the Diamond Age game family. Players who choose this option go into a 3 X 4 reel window and play a Hold and Spin game. The smaller reel 3 x 4 reel layout on the screen gives players a higher chance of filling all positions on the screen and gaining access to the higher jackpots.  If a player fills all 12 positions on the reels with Cash on Reel symbols it unlocks a large Bonus Reel in the top box. This Bonus Reel offers a chance at larger cash on reel amounts or a chance at the jackpots.

In this game series Aristocrat has also sped up the cash on reel collection at the end of the feature by using the bash button.

The free game series are different in each game, but focus on different ways for the players to trigger additional Hold and Spin feature opportunities:

Pharaoh’s Gems includes 8 free games with a ‘reveal symbol’. If the reveal symbol is landed it will reveal either Cash on Reel wins or Wild symbols.

King of Asia provides 6 free games with the “Diamond Boost” mode. The player can trigger the Hold and Spin feature with 6 Cash on Reel symbols during the free games.

Majestic Stone offers the player 6 free games, with all royals removed, leaving only the higher prize value picture symbols. In this free game the player only needs four Cash on Reel symbols to trigger the hold and spin feature.

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The games will have a wide audience of players at all levels and can be offered in all areas across your gaming floor because of the feature familiarity for players. Your regular and long-term Dragon and Lightning Link/Cash players will be the main demographic group that are drawn to the familiar concepts of these new Diamond Age games.

Designed for a broad spectrum of players seeking an enjoyable and straightforward gaming experience, the Diamond Age game family focuses on the player gaining access to a classic Hold and Spin feature in several ways, through triggers in both the base game, and in both free game selections. The additional Diamond Boost mode offers something a little different for players.

For many years now players in clubs and pubs have proved that the ongoing long-term strength of Aristocrat’s classic Hold and Spin games is unlikely to fade. The Diamond Age games will provide good game familiarity for regular players, with a positive tweak that adds interest and allows players opportunities to gain additional classic Hold and Spin features.

For more information on the Diamond Age games contact your Aristocrat representative.


Written by Justine Channing – Gaming Specialist